Customers, Community, Containers?

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Rocket Build is coming!

Rocket Build is coming!

This may sound like a game of ‘spot the odd one out’ to you but the combination of those three words actually does make a lot of sense for the coming week. No, we are not going to put our customers into containers 🙂 Instead, we’re inviting our customers to join us as we gather in Boston next week for our yearly Leadership Summit.

Rocket.Build 2015

One of the tracks at the Leadership Summit next week is Rocket.Build: a ‘hackathon’ that brings together dozens of developers from all over the world to code for an entire week. If you choose to stop by, you can actually see the developers at work and you can nominate one of the Rocket.Build projects for the Customer Choice Award.

You can even join the developers in the coding fun if you want to! There are also booths that will show case Rocket Mobile and Rocket Discover and answer any question you might have.

What about those Containers?

IBM DockerThis year 28 project teams will participate in Rocket.Build. Their projects vary from machine learning, to blockchains and virtualization. My team will look into Docker containers and try to ‘containerize’ existing Rocket Solutions so they can be managed and deployed as Docker Image both on premise (Docker on Linux System z) and the cloud (IBM BlueMix).

Last year was a blast so I am really looking forward to meet my fellow Rocketeers and perhaps you, our valued customer, to collaborate and exchange ideas and insights 🙂

What product/feature would you like to have as Docker Image? What technology do you expect to disrupt your market? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Jeroen van Dun

Jeroen van Dun

Manager of Software Engineering at Rocket Software
Jeroen van Dun is Product Manager in the Rocket LegaSuite Lab.
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