• February 20, 2019

Rocket Mobile is a platform, not a product…

Rocket Mobile is a great tool for creating leading-edge user experiences around existing applications. And it is much more than that. Rocket Mobile makes it easy to attach that new app to your existing functions and data. It also gets that app onto the devices that are in the hands of the users – not a simple process in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world. And it secures the app and its data on the mobile device. It also protects your network from attacks that might originate from mobile devices and monitors the usage of the app so you can continually move it forward.

Rocket Mobile is provides a comprehensive platform for building, deploying and managing enterprise mobile applications. But it’s not just a product – it’s actually a platform that lets developers do this no matter what technology they’re using.

Rocket Mobile MV App BuilderIn just a few minutes, using Rocket’s simple, Eclipse based workbench, users can build and deploy leading-edge mobile user experiences for their staff and customers. I say user experiences rather than user interfaces because Rocket Mobile allows you to tailor the new mobile applications to the way people will interact with your systems with a mobile device. It might be a very different experience than how they would work from a desktop. And, Rocket makes it simple to connect these mobile apps to your existing applications. Rocket’s API Builder and Composer will automatically generate Restful and SOAP services from your current applications so those functions can easily be accessed by the mobile devices.

Once you have built the application, Rocket Access and Connectivity hub helps you manage it. The Access and Connectivity hub simplifies the complex process of getting the app out to the wide variety of mobile devices. It will ensure that users have the right version of the app running on their device so that there will be no problems when they try to connect and use the app. The Access and Connectivity hub will also protect any corporate data you have on the device by securing and encrypting it (both at rest and in transit) and giving the company the capability of removing that data if necessary. As you move the application forward, you can use the analytics capabilities to track how users are using the app in order to optimize your improvements.

Rocket Mobile Architecture

So, Rocket Mobile goes way beyond simply helping users create great user experiences. It provides a soup-to-nuts platform for managing your mobilization efforts.

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Daniel Magid is VP of Solution Sales at Rocket, and is a recognized authority on helping leading organizations achieve compliance through ALM solutions and DevOps best practices. He has written a variety of articles for leading IT publications and is a regular speaker at technology conferences.


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