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Rocket Discover’s development team has launched three feature-rich product releases in the last eight months. This is the result of a team that closely adheres to the principles of agile development. Agile methods foster greater flexibility compared to more traditional approaches where features are locked in early and in most cases can’t be adjusted to evolving market needs and stakeholders requests. Agility and listening to our customers is especially important to the success of a product that participates in a very tight and competitive Business Intelligence market.

Rocket Discover is a self-service data preparation, visualization and discover solution for business users. The latest release, Discover 1.5, is proof that we listened, made adjustments, and gave the market and customer base the enhancements they needed to be successful.

Looking from another set of optics did these enhancements really warrant another release in such a short timeframe? I’ll take a closer look at two of the major features and let you be the judge.

One feature set gives IBM Cognos BI and TM1 business user’s immediate access to critical data for ongoing analysis and potential course corrections that could impact their entire business. Rocket Discover gives these users native connectivity to these data sources, giving them a direct view to the data so they can create their own dashboards in minutes without relying on analysts or IT. And now TM1 users can make updates and write them back to the original source cube and create dimensional models in Discover’s data preparation canvas.

Dashboard with KPI enhancements

Another impressive feature set focuses on data preparation. Users wanted an accelerated path to data prep. They want Discover to do more of the heavy lifting upfront. Why is this important? As with everything in business, everyone wants everything yesterday. Which means business users need to create their dashboards and make decisions faster.  Dashboards are populated from the queries created in data prep. The faster the queries are created the sooner they’re available for dashboard creation. Discover 1.5 has implemented the initial “smarter” features. Discover now provides “auto-joins” and “auto-hierarchies”. Discover suggests joins based on evaluation of like-named columns and column context, and “Auto-hierarchies” uses a correlation algorithm based on the first 1000 rows to identify correlations between columns. Easier, Smarter, Faster.

Data prep with lineage

I’d be interested in your point of view on the importance of these features and the expedited speed at which the Rocket Discover team provided these features.  If you’re still not convinced I invite you to see what other engineering gems are included in the Discover 1.5 and to register for the “What’s New in Rocket Discover 1.5” webinar on December 8 at 11 AM EST..


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Julianna Cammarano

Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group

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