• June 30, 2022

Mainframe: charting the future

As a senior director for R&D at Rocket Software, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the mainframe. What should we build on it? Who will build it? Who will use it? Will anyone even know it’s on a mainframe when they actually use it?

A part of my role is finding and training the next generation of mainframe developers, and I’m convinced there is no company more uniquely suited to be the thought leader for the platform than we are at Rocket. Consider the following:

  • It’s difficult to find a company that has the depth of experience, works with as many developers or produces as many new cutting-edge technologies for this platform as we do;
  • We have deep customer relationships in the industry, providing us with a greater understanding of their problems, challenges, desires and goals, allowing us to develop the solutions that serve them best;
  • We have an extremely close relationship with mainframe visionary IBM.

Framingham StateThese experiences, relationships, knowledge and skills position us to make the greatest impact in nurturing a new generation of software developers on the platform, and we’re moving forward aggressively to reach these young minds. You can see an illustration of this in our partnership with Framingham State University, where we’re in the final stages of developing five classes supporting a new Enterprise Computing Certificate program.

I share all this not as a chest-thumping exercise, but rather because it really excites me that the mainframe has such tremendous forward momentum and we’re right in the middle of it. We’re helping to create the future of the mainframe through our commitment to the platform, to young developers, and most importantly to our customers and partners.

At our Leadership Summit this week, we have a great opportunity to share, learn and discuss even more about the future of the mainframe with our colleagues, partners and customers, particularly through the Rocket.Build activities. I can’t wait to get started.

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