• June 25, 2022

Rocket.Build: Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration

For the second year, Rocket.Build will be a central part of our Rocket Leadership Summit this week, with more than 130 Rocketeers from around the world gathering in to collaborate on innovations and give life to ideas that will drive future success for Rocket Software.

Rocket.Build sprang from a challenge that we came up with two years to develop a new platform of innovation. The result was the first Rocket.Build, a hackathon connecting Rocket engineers from around the globe. Rocket.Build culminated last year’s Rocket Leadership Summit, and it’s back bigger and better this year.

If I were to describe Rocket.Build in two words they would be: purposeful innovation. By that I mean the opportunity for our engineering community to think, collaborate and innovate in a whole new – not just working on the next iteration of our products and offerings, but developing groundbreaking new ideas and technologies that will chart the future of Rocket Software and redefine, reimagine and reinvent how our customers experience our software.

Rocket.Build LabAnd Rocket.Build provides a unique opportunity for that to happen. Where else could an engineer from Texas walk across the room and consult with a colleague from Russia about how to surmount a sticky technical issue? And once those bonds are established, they easily transgress the boundaries of time and distance when we return to our homes.

For this year’s Rocket.Build, our engineers submitted more than 100 proposals, from which we have selected 30 great ideas for further development during this week’s Leadership Summit. For the first time, we’ve also invited customers and partners to participate as we explore these ideas for innovation together.

The topics and fields for this year are both hot and diverse, including proposals around machine learning, converging cloud and mainframe, the Internet of Things, and even blockchain. From the 30 finalists, three will be chosen as winners and one will be awarded the Rocket.Build Founder’s Cup.

So stay tuned to find out for more reporting in the weeks to come about the great innovations we foster and develop through this year’s Rocket.Build.

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Azeem Ahmed joined Rocket Software in 2003 as a Software Engineer after having graduated from UT Austin. Over the course of past fifteen years, he has held many engineering and management roles. In his current role as Chief Technologist for Cloud, Azeem helps lead Rocket R&D around Hybrid & Public Cloud, is responsible for Rocket’s Cloud strategy, and leads Emerging Tech Research Group focused on Big Data Analytics & Cloud. In addition to this role, Azeem was instrumental in conceiving the Rocket.Build program – an internal hackathon for Rocket Engineers. He continues to direct that program every year for our engineers.


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