• June 29, 2022

Rocket Software is making a difference in our community

As we wrap up our annual Leadership Summit, we decided to once again make the final day something really special by encouraging our participants to get out in the community and volunteer. Whether they were scrubbing floors, mentoring young adults, or cleaning out horse paddocks (seriously!), more than 300 Rocketeers–and 100 of their significant others–from all over the world applied their skills, knowledge and elbow grease to making the greater Boston area a better place for everyone to live and work through our Rocket Community Day.

Just to give you a sampling of activities our colleagues participated in:

  • RocketSoftwareCasaMyrna
    Rocketeers helping at Casa Myrna

    Five of our teammates spent the morning at the Greater Boston Food Bank loading cars with groceries for distribution to needy individuals and families. I think of this as a very foundational activity for society – providing food to our community’s most vulnerable citizens, a need highlighted even more by the holiday season we’re now in.

  • A group went to Boston City Hall to meet with IT leaders to help develop strategies to use technology to improve the delivery of services to the community.
  • Five more of us visited the YMCA International Learning Program to teach English as a second language to adults. What an impact this will have on those people, helping them gain vital language skills that will help them live and work in American society.
  • At Casa Myrna, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse, a dozen Rocketeers cleaned and performed maintenance to make this haven a little more hospitable. Again, it’s hard to imagine a more fundamental need for our community’s most vulnerable citizens than having a place to live that’s clean, functional and safe.

One of the most exciting parts of the week was a visit by Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts. “The talented individuals at Rocket Software understand that giving back during the holiday season is the greatest gift of all for some of the Commonwealth’s neediest children and families,” said Governor Baker. “I encourage others to likewise apply their hearts and minds toward a favorite cause in support of our neighbors.”

And in typical Rocket style, we weren’t content with confining our idea of community to the Boston area. Eight of our team members drove all the way up to Portland, Maine, to serve at the Preble Street Services soup kitchen. In Denver, we challenged our Rocketeers to raise $1,250, which we will match — enough to pay for 10,000 meals for the Food Bank of the Rockies. The Denver team also will pitch in with food distribution at the food bank on December 9.

In Bonn, Germany, we sponsored a benefit concert and sold copies of an original song written and recorded by Rocket employees, with all the proceeds dedicated to providing services for the homeless. And later this month, Rocket employees will visit with elderly residents at a nursing home in the city of Dordrecht, The Netherlands, where they will prepare lunch and snacks, play games and sing holiday carols.

These are just a few of the activities our Rocket employees participated in, supporting more than 40 local charities, schools and colleges, community service organizations and government agencies. Rocket Community Day illustrates how when you get a group of talented, highly motivated Rocketeers together and point them toward specific needs in our community and beyond, they can accomplish great things.

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Andy Youniss co-founded Rocket Software in 1990 and continues to be the company's main driving force. Andy successfully established and actively manages Rocket's largest OEM partnerships and is guiding the company's growth through technology investments, acquisitions, new product lines, and strategic partnerships. Prior to founding Rocket Software, Andy was the development manager for DB View Inc., a software company specializing in DB2 database tools. Previously, he was a programmer/analyst at American Management Systems, and was also a project development consultant. Andy holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.


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