• July 5, 2022

Application Deployment

Application deployment is too often a stumbling block. The very words “application deployment” probably conjure up images of too much coffee and cold pizza at 2 a.m., but it doesn’t have to be like that. Rocket Aldon ALM can make application deployment dependable, repeatable, and very fast, so fast that the all-night deployment blues are a thing of the past. And Rocket Aldon ALM is associated with more positive results than just a good night’s sleep: an increase in deployments completing successfully, problems being resolved more quickly, greater reliability, and improved security.

Rocket Aldon automates the deployment cycle, eliminating manual errors and enabling performance improvement. With Rocket Aldon ALM, quality is built into software from the very start.

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But that’s just the beginning of the good news. Application deployment that’s automated can provide fast feedback, and fast feedback supplies many benefits. It’s impossible to outline a new project of any complexity without making a few assumptions. Fast feedback results in speedy validation—or repudiation—of these assumptions. Unfortunately, requestors aren’t always certain what they want, and fast feedback provides an opportunity to confirm that the requested change is going to be welcome. With fast deployments, it’s immediately obvious if the code changes were what the customer (or market) really wanted. Products or updates get to the user faster. Rocket Aldon ALM application automation streamlines the entire deployment process.

Automating application deployment makes processes repeatable, eliminating the inefficiencies of processes that aren’t. With repeatability, issues are identified early when they are easier and cheaper to fix. It’s also easier to isolate the source of problems in a repeatable application deployment environment. Production problems can be detected and fixed immediately. Repeatable processes are tested every time a deployment is run, making each deployment stable and dependable.

Rocket Aldon ALM also removes the mystery from application deployment. With our tools it only takes a moment to see who requested a deployment, who approved each operation, and exactly what code changed. Reporting includes a release schedule that shows what each deployment includes and when it’s due. Information about check ins, checkouts, compiles, etc., is easy to access. Everyone involved in a project should have information about the status of the project at all times, and Rocket Aldon ALM provides graspable information about the state of a deployment anywhere via mobile device. It’s even possible to launch a deployment from a smartphone or tablet.

If code can be deployed at any time, innovation and experimentation are encouraged. A dynamic IT environment can invigorate a business, Most deployments should be based on business cases, and Rocket Aldon ALM contains collaborative tools to ensure that IT and business priorities are in alignment and that make it possible to define and deliver highest priority items.

Rocket Aldon ALM can deploy to Linux, Windows. IBM i, Solaris, U2, AIX, and more. It tracks all components of deployments, so every deployment package contains the correct items every time. Deployments can be run on demand as well as automatically, with files being selected at any stage and deployed to any machine.

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