• June 29, 2022

Application Release Automation

Software that isn’t released has cost money to produce, costs money to store, but isn’t making any money. If your organization is finding it difficult to get software out the door, application release automation may be the answer to your problem. It makes application releases dependable, repeatable, and streamlined, and eliminates time lost to inefficient technology. With Rocket Aldon ALM software, everything from the initial change request to deployment to production is automated.

Rocket Aldon ALM has what it takes to make application release automation workable. Target machines for releases can be easily defined or updated. It’s simple to see how targets are defined or to see whether an object is in QA, integration test, or production. Clicking on a task name shows which files or items have been changed. Archived copies make backouts easy. For continuous integration environments, Rocket Aldon ALM will extract the source code after a commit, run the build, and deploy it to the correct target environment. It can initiate test automation scripts. Changes are automatically properly synchronized across platforms.

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It includes all of the tools that make application release automation a collaborative opportunity. Authorized personnel can access information about hardware status, deployment status, or workflow. DevOps can store information in a common repository for real-time data that’s always accessible. Staff can see what tasks they need to perform and what the due date is on outstanding items. Information is available to make it easy to verify who made a change, what the change was, and when the change was made. For every deployment, Rocket Aldon ALM checks for appropriate approvals. It can also track who has access to a process.

With Rocket Aldon application release automation, everyone is always kept in the loop. Notifications can be set up via self-service portals or emails. Reminders are sent as text messages, emails, or system messages. Rocket Aldon ALM automatically routes notifications for approvals. Even staff on the go can be kept in the loop—a couple of clicks of a mouse or a tap on a mobile device can bring up release information or launch a deployment.

Planning is easier when releases are automated. With releases that are repeatable and run often enough to be predictable, budgeting project expenditures and staff requirements becomes straightforward. Removing the guesswork from releases removes a potential management headache. Application release automation and repeatable processes also make it easier to measure progress.

Application release automation also makes it easier to pivot. Some new features aren’t going to be as beneficial as anticipated, but in an automated deployment environment everything can be tested immediately and enormous resources haven’t been wasted. Easy deployments encourage the experimentation that keeps any organization healthy and robust. IT can make a real contribution to profitability when deployments are automated and procedures are repeatable. When deployments are routine, everything from bug fixes to major upgrades becomes routine too.

Studies have shown that better IT execution is associated with greater profitability and market share. Release management should aim for the continuous improvement of releases, and application release automation is a foundational step toward application release perfection.

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