• June 30, 2022

Application Release Management

Are application releases a source of dread for your organization? Even the simplest IT environment today is likely to be anything but simple, and this is probably never more obvious than when it’s time to install a new application release. A standalone application is a rarity—most applications are coupled with other items in an invisible web of relationships. And many releases impact many departments across an organization. The task of coordinating both the complex technological components and the complex human relationships is formidable, but Rocket Aldon application release management tools orchestrates the scattered pieces into a harmonious whole.

Rocket Aldon ALM automates application release management, removing human error from the equation. Additionally, it makes the invisible network of connections between components visible. After entities are defined to Rocket’s ALM, it traces their locations at all times. Anything that’s checked out for development is tracked throughout the entire development lifecycle. Moving entities to their proper target locations can be automated, including the ability to define rules that route specific packages to specific servers at specific stages. Deployment packages always contain the proper dependencies. Advanced search capabilities further assist in keeping everything within a network accessible. Automated application release management results in speedier, cleaner releases. Fewer defects translate to less expenditure on support.

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Rocket Aldon application release management has the tools for effectively managing the big picture. Backlog can easily be reviewed and prioritized. Tools for evaluating priorities include information about historical performance, which also provides sizing information. Priorities can be simply rearranged.

Rocket Aldon has everything necessary to keep everyone on the same page. Traditionally, there is a conflict between developers’ eagerness to get new features into production and the caution of the operations department. Rocket Aldon application release management tools foster a DevOps environment, making it easy for developers and operations to collaborate and facilitating easy handoffs between the departments.

Rocket Aldon ALM keeps everyone up to date with precisely the information they need. Custom dashboards are simple to define with Rocket. Dashboards can track progress, the status of deployments, task assignments, and details about the change backlog. Our application release management tools include customizable forms for gathering information for service requests. Approvals can be done by simply replying to an email. Deployments can be initiated via mobile devices.

One of the most formidable tasks in most application release management environments is compliance. Compliance can be costly in terms of both time and money, but Rocket Aldon builds compliance into every release. Rocket Aldon’s ALM Hub gives everyone access to the information he or she needs, but controls access to conform to regulatory standards. Rocket Aldon comes with pre-defined templates for the policies of some of the most prominent compliance requirements and is very configurable. Whether it’s compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, ITIL, HIPAA, or other regulations, Rocket Aldon takes the fear out of audits.

A commitment to continually improving is a long-term competitive advantage for any organization. Rocket Aldon ALM provides the tools to make an organization’s application release management a source of enthusiasm, not dread.

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