• June 27, 2022

Automated Software Deployment

An organization that has automated its deployment procedures is light-years ahead of the competition. An automated software deployment environment translates to saving time, saving money, and improving agility. With Rocket Aldon automated software deployment tools, an organization can expect dependability, transparency, and a streamlined deployment process.

A good automated software deployment process handles complexity. Updates often cross environments. Rocket Aldon ALM keeps track of files, documents, programs—all the components of a release—and makes information about them readily accessible. It guarantees that the right items are deployed to the right places no matter how complex the environment is.

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Rocket Aldon automated software deployment tools can deploy entire applications, groups of applications, or individual tasks. Deployments can be initiated from a computer or mobile device with a simple tap or mouse click. It’s possible to view applications by stage or to view files changed in association with a task, view all deployments associated with a task, and view all machines that are deployment targets for a particular task. Backouts can also be initiated with a simple click.

Rocket Aldon automated software deployment tools can provide fast feedback, and accurate, accessible, and timely feedback facilitates fast problem fixes, avoids rework, and actually makes setbacks easier to deal with. It’s difficult to return to work that was submitted months ago, but if a hiccup occurs on newly completed work, the developers are likely to remember the details vividly enough to address the problem quickly. It’s also a better learning experience for everyone involved if problems are addressed while a project is actively being worked on, not months later.

Another advantage of automating software deployment is that it makes processes repeatable, and repeatable processes are by their very nature tested more than manual procedures. Practice really does make perfect—a repeatable process is run often enough to inspire confidence. Good metrics about deployments are only possible in an environment where deployments are repeatable.

Tear down those silos! Automated software deployment tools from Rocket also automate notifications and keep everyone in every department informed. Reminders or notifications about deployments can be sent as text messages, emails, or system messages. Role-specific reports are available, so everyone can stay up to date. Fewer surprises mean fewer middle-of-the-night phone calls. Changes can be approved or denied simply by replying to an ALM email. A central repository gives an overview of the workflow for all processes.

In an automated software deployment environment, compliance can be automated too. Rocket Aldon ALM gives you an opportunity to define your compliance requirements, and then we do the rest. Even definitions are easy; we supply templates for the most commonly used compliance standards. Reports are available for specific auditing requirements, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Regulations can be byzantine and hard to keep up with, but we make it simple to set up your environment and to keep it updated.

Rocket Aldon ALM traces a change from change request initiation through deployment. Process and documentation always match—a change to the process always generates a change to the documentation. It’s easy for auditors to see exactly what process is being used or how the process has changed. Included are details about problems that may have arisen. If certain procedures need to be enforced for every deployment, such as specific approvals, the system will verify compliance.

Software can deliver exceptional value. There are no distribution costs and manufacturing costs can be minimized with automation. Automated software deployment is one way to make the software environment economical while actually improving productivity.

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