• July 1, 2022

Deployment Manager

Rocket Deployment Manager automates the deployment process, making it repeatable, efficient, transparent, and dependable regardless of the complexity of the environment. No matter what kind of files need to be deployed–source code, build results, graphics, documents, or web pages–Rocket Deployment Manager distributes them to the correct platforms and target locations at the correct time.

Without careful management, there’s always the danger of a software environment becoming a patchwork of unintegrated versions and temporary fixes.  Changes that cross platforms can get out of sync and fail to work together properly. These unstable environments are fragile and expensive to maintain. Manual processes are inherently error prone, and tracking down bugs is time consuming. Manually generating audit documentation is complex. Rocket Deployment Manager alleviates all these problems. Our deployment manager standardizes deployment, providing an integrated environment where every component fits—and functions–properly. Whenever you deploy changes, it ensures that all the parts get to all the right places at the right times. No matter how complex your environment is, Rocket Deployment Manager can simplify managing it.

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With Rocket Deployment Manager, security is easy. Role-based security ensures that code can’t be promoted or deployed without authorization. A comprehensive audit trail makes certain that every change is trackable. With Rocket Deployment Manager, every step of every process is thoroughly documented. A complete and detailed history sees to it that every deployment is audit ready. Notifications and detailed displays make it possible to monitor each step in the deployment process incrementally.

Rocket Deployment Manager includes an easily understood graphical interface that makes it a breeze to see exactly what’s happening with your deployment at any given time. A central console tracks distributed packages and provides transparency even in multi-platform environments. Comprehensive tracking and logging supply insight into every aspect of the deployment and assist in identifying bottlenecks or failure patterns.

The actual deployment can be automatic or on demand. The first step of the Rocket deployment process is defining a profile that specifies target locations. The code packages can then either be automatically deployed or files can be selected at any point in the cycle, packaged, and sent to the appropriate target location.

Rocket Deployment Manager makes it simple to rollback and revert to an earlier state. If a change is promoted in error, it takes just a click of the mouse or a tap on a mobile device for an authorized user to back the change out and restore the system. Using Rocket Deployment Manager means that the entire deployment process is low risk, predictable, and painless.

When a deployment cycle is automated, feedback is expedited. Expedited feedback results in enhancements that are available to customers in the shortest possible timeframe. A more efficient deployment cycle also translates to reduced staffing requirements and a safer process. Rocket Deployment Manager produces deployments that are so trouble-free that the software environment is more likely to be consistently updated, resulting in a higher quality system overall. Graphical interfaces, logs, and tracking mean that even the most complex environment is understandable, increasing not only quality but employee engagement.

Deployment management is an important factor in providing your customers with exactly what they want, and Rocket Deployment Manager provides all the tools to make every deployment a success.

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