• June 30, 2022

Enterprise Release Management

An IT environment that’s out of control is every organization’s nightmare, and it happens all too easily. It’s quite possible to have different databases, operating systems, and web servers from different vendors, all with their own release schedules. Further complicating matters is the fact that a business that’s only a few years old may find that many of its applications are written in languages that are already antediluvian. Technological development seems to move at the speed of light. When the pace of change is so feverish, every organization is faced with the difficulty of making its unique assortment of components work together harmoniously. The problem is particularly acute when an application needs to be updated. Are all required components included? With Rocket Aldon enterprise release management, indeed they are.

Rocket Aldon enterprise release management strategizes change by managing the relationship between the components of an update. Release management can be very bewildering, potentially necessitating upgrading many objects over a variety of platforms. Our enterprise release management tracks all the items in each release and helps determine how the change impacts the system as a whole. It makes it easy to see each component associated with an application and its current status. A cycle path can be defined that automates the release trajectory.

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Just as important to a successful enterprise environment is collaboration. Good enterprise release management improves communication and encourages working together. Ideally, an enterprise release management strategy is the creation of all the application’s stakeholders. The business side of an organization needs to be involved in much of the strategizing, including assigning priorities. The release management strategy addresses issues such as capacity planning and data migration. All participants need to be kept in the loop as each project moves forward, which is easy with the tools provided by Rocket Aldon ALM.

Repeatability is another important aspect of enterprise release management. If every release is a matter of reinventing the wheel, every release is also error prone and grindingly slow. Automation is the only way to make releases repeatable. A repeatable process is tested every time it runs, so it’s dependable. It eliminates the errors of manual processing. Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager automates the entire lifecycle while leaving you firmly in control.

Good enterprise release management makes even the most convoluted IT environment comprehensible. Rocket Aldon ALM provides all the tools to make it easy to see what’s happening with any system at any time. Comprehension leads to an improved ability to assess how change is impacting the organization as a whole and creates closer bonds between IT and the rest of the enterprise. Rocket Aldon ALM offers reporting capabilities and graphical interfaces that get the right information to the right people.

Being slow to release can be crippling. It’s impossible to realize any benefits or income on upgrades that are just sitting around. Furthermore, it’s easier to fix problems on updates that are currently being worked on and are fresh in everyone’s memory versus problems that were introduced into code six months ago. The larger the gap between coding and releasing the code, the more of a risk there is that problems will be difficult to fix, but in order to have speed, you have to have confidence. Rocket Aldon enterprise release management supplies all the tools needed to make release management dependable, consistent, and repeatable.

IT is perhaps the most critical cornerstone of customer acquisition. A good enterprise release management system is a basis for out-experimenting and outperforming competitors. Using fast feedback to make current networks better and to prevent future problems, using collaboration to take advantage of all your talent, and using automation to ensure releases are dependable and well tested: these all contribute to an environment of constant improvement.

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