• July 1, 2022

Enterprise Software Deployment

Enterprise software deployment comprises all the steps and roles in development, test, and production that support deployment in a multiplatform, enterprise environment. Rocket automates these steps, eliminating the need for complex scripts while making deployment repeatable and consistent. Our automated procedures eliminate manual errors and simplify the entire deployment undertaking.

Enterprise environments require process enforcement and control. Rocket enterprise software deployment tools meet regulatory and best practice requirements in an environment that’s secure and highly visible but that gives you total control. Compliance is automated, eliminating tedious red tape and freeing staff to concentrate on deliverables.

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Medium and large organizations usually have many software applications to manage, including legacy applications that are tied to modern technologies like web and mobile. Rocket enterprise software deployment tools keep components synchronized across platforms. They ensure that changes made to core, legacy systems are synchronized with changes to mobile and web applications that access those systems.

Large enterprises often have multiple releases of an application that are being maintained simultaneously. Managing changes across those releases can be very challenging – especially in a complex, multiplatform environment. We make handling even the most complex release environments feasible. Changes across releases can be automatically tracked and coordinated, eliminating the errors inherent in manual processing.

Software change costs can be a significant part of any IT budget. Rocket enterprise software deployment keeps costs under control. Automated, repeatable processes significantly reduce manual effort and improve the bottom line. By providing visibility to work-in-progress, Rocket enterprise software deployment ensures that changes are progressing appropriately. In any software environment small problems can snowball, but our deployment alerts and dashboards provide a solid foundation and the means to keep every deployment on course and within budget.

Easy rollbacks equal peace of mind in any enterprise software deployment environment. With Rocket tools, reverting to a previous application state is a snap. Simply select the deployment to be rolled back and tap the “backout” button. Deployment objects, whether build results, graphics, documents, or web pages, are all handled automatically.

Rules can determine which packages go to which servers at which stages. The receiving environment is always prepared for new arrivals: integrity assurance prepares the location before promoting the package.

Rocket enterprise software deployment tools include a state-of-the-art graphical interface that supports mobile and web. It provides the capability of managing everything from anywhere at any time and gives easy access to everything you need to know about what’s happening with your deployment right now.

Metrics are vital for determining how successful the software deployment process is. Cycle time is particularly critical. Looking closely at cycle time will identify bottlenecks and provide insight into the resources required and how effectively resources are being employed. Rocket enterprise software deployment tools include advanced metric capabilities that illuminate just what is really going on and make continuous improvement attainable. They provide visibility into all aspects of the deployment process, such as who performs a specific task and how long it takes.

Rocket enterprise software deployment tools make compliance easy. Compliance policies are automatically enforced and documentation generated. A complete traceable deployment history is available.

We make it possible to craft the deployment solution that suits the needs of your enterprise. Rocket enterprise software deployment tools identify inefficiencies, automate the process, shorten cycle time, and reduce errors.

Deployment is just the beginning for new applications. Not only is a good enterprise software deployment economical, less stressful for all involved, and much faster than a manual procedure–it’s also the basis for a healthy application. An effective deployment process that ensures that all steps are done flawlessly results in a maintainable, high quality, dependable implementation.

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