• June 29, 2022

Release Management Process

Few IT tasks are as likely to cause confusion as the release management process. Library and directory structures can be almost impenetrably complex, and it’s all too easy for manual release processes to fail to track releases accurately. Fortunately, Rocket’s release management process automates the entire procedure, accurately deploying objects to the proper targets. Manual errors are eliminated. Best practices are always implemented and compliance requirements satisfied. Our release management process saves money, increases efficiency, and supplies useful data about every aspect of the undertaking. Highly visible and accessible, it’s designed to encourage collaboration.

It’s scary to introduce a major new release to the world, but the Rocket release management process ensures that the new arrival is welcome, not a source of late-night phone calls. Our release management process supplies real-world data and analysis that make possible a real-world software solution. A release requires details about how everything will work: an outline of management strategy, a description of the necessary processes, and a monitoring plan. The parties involved in every aspect of a release should be identified and included in every aspect of planning. Rocket supplies all the necessary tools to make planning accurate and inclusive.

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A new release is going to be accessed and exercised immediately, and it needs to generate plenty of information about how it’s holding up under production use. Releases are most effective when they provide useful feedback fast, and our release management process supplies detailed data about every aspect of every release. Problems can be identified and resolved as soon as possible. The benefits of the new features and functions in the release are available fast, too.

Don’t let your new release be a stranger. An effective release management process depends on effective collaboration. It’s common for a company to have different departments for different functions. Even software development may be divided between many departments, but good communication is vital for successful releases. Development teams must collaborate seamlessly. Everyone needs information about project statuses in real time. Changes in requirements should be communicated to all interested parties. Teams that are geographically separated and using different tools still need to integrate their work. The Rocket release management process provides the tools for effective cross-functional teams and close collaboration throughout an organization.

Then there are the releases that just seem to be born bad. Being able to roll back a release if anything goes wrong is critical. Our release management process provides the tracking, monitoring, and roll back capabilities that add an extra level of confidence to every release. Rocket release management assists in establishing an environment that inspires confidence in general, in fact. Emergency fixes can go through the procedures that make any other release process safe and predictable. Production is always protected from unauthorized access; unauthorized changes can be relatively innocent—a quick problem fix, for instance—but can play havoc when it’s impossible later to trace the source of new problems. The traceability of Rocket processes adds even more security.

With the Rocket release management process, each new bouncing software baby can be a source of pride. Our release management minimizes errors, cuts costs, provides visibility and traceability, and encourages collaboration. Every new software release is born into a supportive environment and can expect a long and healthy life.

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