• June 25, 2022

Software Deployment Process

Any organization profits from an effective software deployment process. One of the primary issues any software deployment process needs to address is cycle time. Cycle time is the length of time from deciding a change will be made to the moment the change is actually in production. Cycle time is critical; any benefits from a software update are impossible to realize until the update is live. Delays or mistakes in deployment are very expensive; lost revenue can be significant.

Rocket deployment tools streamline your software deployment process. The best way to reduce cycle time and to improve software deployment in general is to automate the process and make it repeatable. Unfortunately, manual deployment procedures inevitably introduce errors. In fact, a manual deployment often combines the factors that make mistakes likely: tedium and technical complexity. Ironically, even though it’s more error prone than an automated deployment, it requires more expertise. Bugs are harder to track down in a manual environment. Manual processes are more primitive, but demand more skill. With Rocket automation, the software deployment process can be performed by almost anyone.

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A good software deployment process is transparent. The risks—and rewards—are quantifiable and well understood. Rocket Aldon’s deployment tools furnish metrics that provide information about everything that happens in the deployment procedure. A graphical interface lets you view all changes, and clicking on the name of the computer drills down to display deployed components. Valuable information is immediately available: who is working on which application and the current status, what the expected delivery date is, and what the components are of each package. Smart labeling assists in reverting to a prior state.

A properly designed software deployment process is scalable. Good deployment practices serve an organization well as it grows, and they’re easily adaptable to big or small projects. Rocket deployment solutions are at home in small environments, big environments, and anywhere in between.

With the Rocket software deployment process, the deployment rules are defined ahead of time. The actual deployment can either be automatic, where packages move through the stages automatically, or on-demand, where packages can be selected on an individual basis at any stage and sent to the appropriate targets.

An essential attribute for a software deployment process today is the ability to handle a variety of platforms and applications. A change might include updates to a core system server, web servers, windows clients and mobile devices. Those changes often must be deployed synchronously in order for the application to operate properly. The Rocket software deployment processes handles all this complexity automatically.

Compliance and regulations create new headaches in the software deployment process, but it’s a headache that goes away with Rocket’s assistance. A process can be defined for every application that ensures that the proper regulations are followed. Every activity is tracked and available to the reporting engine. Software is always compliant without bogging everyone down in a morass of red tape. Not only does this save time; there’s peace of mind in knowing that audit-ready information is always available.

The software deployment process doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Rocket makes deployment secure, economical, safe, and compliant.

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