• July 5, 2022

Software Lifecycle Management

IT environments are becoming more complicated all the time. One solution to IT complexity is software lifecycle management, which automates and coordinates IT processes from change inception to application retirement. Software lifecycle management is critical to keeping costs down, keeping organizations agile, and minimizing development time. It provides central tracking for the software lifecycle, facilitating collaboration and making certain that everyone who needs to be in the loop is kept informed.

The typical software environment today has a multitude of challenges. Applications come from many sources, including third-party vendors. Staff—and customers—are geographically distributed. Documentation is often incomplete or unavailable to the people who need it most. Too often deployment is a continual process of reinventing the wheel. Rocket software lifecycle management integrates the disparate components of a software environment, provides the tools and information to keep staff on the same page, and makes complex procedures like promotion, build and deployment repeatable.

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Rocket software lifecycle management enables faster software development and more efficient testing while producing software of greater quality. A business that applies updates efficiently saves on staffing expenses, realizes the benefits of each update faster, and improves customer or user satisfaction. Automation translates to fewer bugs and minimal maintenance. New features are available to users faster.

An important aspect of remaining competitive is remaining current, and Rocket software lifecycle management removes the risks from remaining current. Updates can be rolled back, providing an important safety net. The fact that repeatable processes are in effect tested often means they are known to be reliable. They’re also predictable, with unpleasant surprises a rarity. They provide fast feedback and make it possible to quickly evaluate the effects of every update.

Compliance is important for most organizations, and Rocket software lifecycle management tools are designed for easy compliance with ITIL, COBIT, SEI/CMMI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other regulations. Audits are easy too, thanks to detailed tracking and processes that are traceable and reportable. Discrepancies that could potentially cause audit issues trigger an alert. It’s a cinch to update requirements if laws change. Detailed tracking has another important advantage: it makes it easy to analyze any aspect of the process. Metrics provide invaluable information about the health of a system and each of its components.

Rocket software lifecycle management provides comprehensive support for every aspect of IT activities. IT workflow automation streamlines the workflow process and eliminates manual errors. Release management coordinates release components, efficiently synchronizing multiple releases in multi-platform environments. Deployment management automatically deploys files to the correct target locations at the correct times. Rocket software lifecycle management tools are designed with compliance in mind and they make auditing easy. Rocket Community Manager facilitates communication for everyone in the organization, and Rocket Report Manager ensures that information is always available to the people who need it.

Rocket software lifecycle management helps ensure that every release delivers value. Our tools simplify a complex process and eliminate manual errors, enable communication throughout the entire organization, and promote best practices. Perhaps best of all, they deliver that elusive IT commodity: peace of mind.

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