• June 29, 2022

Software release management

Today, even the simplest software applications can have an overwhelming number of components. Keeping track of all these pieces is especially challenging when the environment is undergoing constant change. Rocket software release management provides strategies for implementing change in an orderly fashion. It tracks the location and status of all the parts impacted by a change and the relationships between various pieces of the application across platforms. When it is time to deliver the change, it packages all the parts that need to be released together and makes sure they are delivered to the right places at the right time. It’s invaluable for ensuring that changes are delivered successfully.

Rocket software release management tracks all the versions of the parts that are being changed. It can do that using its internal versioning system or it can integrate with popular open source versioning tools like GIT or Subversion. Rocket software release management allows you to use the versioning tool of your choice. Whenever a developer commits a change to their version control repository, Rocket software release management will associate their changes with the release. It will also automate the build and deployment of the release. No matter what versioning tool is used, Rocket software will ensure that every release is compliant and best practices are consistently followed.

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Beyond simply managing the parts of a change, Rocket release management solutions aid in planning for changes. In fact, assistance in long-term planning is one of the important advantages of software release management. To avoid missing the forest for the trees, it’s critical to have effective management techniques in place. Rocket software release management assists in change prioritization, staff planning, financial planning and scheduling. Organizations that have made their release management repeatable can approach each new release with confidence.

Rocket software release management makes every step of the release process visible and easily understood. All the information associated with a release is readily accessible to authorized users no matter what stage of its lifecycle a release is in. Our solution also provides thorough change history, comprehensive documentation, and a clear audit trail.

Automating the release cycle eliminates the errors associated with manual processing. Rocket software release management moves the proper components to the proper targets at every lifecycle stage automatically. It even assists in tracking approvals. Detailed logs ensure compliance standards are always met.

In-depth reports make it easy to see what changes have taken place in the software development cycle. Compliance with ITIL, COBIT, SEI/CMMI, FSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other regulations is facilitated by detailed tracking. Our software release management tools take care of tedious documentation tasks.

Manual processes are always error prone. Rocket software release management minimizes human error, cuts costs, makes release management procedures repeatable, and gives you the tools to really understand your environment. New software releases are central to keeping a business competitive and they’re usually regarded as a painful necessity, but Rocket software release management helps businesses maintain that cutting edge painlessly.

New software releases allow a business to operate with greater efficiency. They represent increased customer satisfaction and improved software quality. Rocket software release management ensures that the benefits of new releases are available in the shortest possible timeframe. Implementation delays are expensive, and software release management saves money by expediting software delivery times.

Rocket software release management reduces downtime and improves application availability. The benefits to a business are tangible: improved software, repeatable processes, auditability, and, best of all, confidence.

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