• July 6, 2022

Version Control Software System

A sleepy programmer fixes a production bug in the middle of the night and forgets to let others know. An innocent mistake, but one that can create significant problems and certainly won’t make auditors happy. If another programmer is making changes to the same code, they might move their changes into production and overlay the fixed code. The bug will reappear. The auditors will have no way of verifying that the production environment is secure. A good version control software system prevents mishaps and potential disasters like losing changes. It has the bonus of keeping auditors happy. Bad version control is an impediment to fast, safe releases. What are the elements of an effective version control software system?

A version control software system needs to contain an inventory of every item that makes up an application. It should dependably track all changes and dependably associate changes with the right developer. Audit requirements demand that a historical trail exists for every change made to an application component. The version control system should also make it possible to verify that the right version of the code is running in production. Rocket Lifecycle Manager assigns version IDs when checking out, changing, or promoting items, allowing it to verify that no unauthorized changes have been made.

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The ideal version control software system allows simultaneous or parallel development. Otherwise developers might have to wait for others to finish before they can start their work. Developers may be in different departments or different cities, and most organizations need the ability to permit updates from multiple developers that can be accurately integrated. It’s difficult to have many people working on the same project without sophisticated version control.

Another concern in collaborative environments is security. Sharing work is important, but so is ensuring integrity. An effective version control software system makes certain that only authorized users can make changes and that code can’t be altered outside the system while making it easy for teams to collaborate.

The version control system you currently use may be critical to the way your IT department functions. Rocket LM has its own embedded version control, but if your favorite version control tool is Subversion, CVS, GIT, or something else, your version control tool can be integrated with the Rocket LM tools, providing all the benefits of our lifecycle management to your existing version control software system. A change submitted in Subversion, for instance, is automatically transferred to the ALM repository. Rocket LM then automates the build, promotion and deployment of the change. It monitors other version control systems and mirrors any changes, bringing anything that is introduced outside of Rocket LM under the Rocket LM umbrella.

Do you suspect you have versioning problems? Rocket Harmonizer compares source code, detecting changed, inserted, or deleted code and generating a report that can be configured to show only mismatches. It’s also capable of merging versions to create a composite version. It can compare up to 16 program versions. For IBM i environments, Rocket supplies the free software application iAudit to verify the integrity of your system. iAudit checks source code against program objects to ensure the two match, confirms that views are built over the appropriate versions of files, and checks the permissions on objects.

It’s important to demonstrate to auditors that you know just what is happening in your version control software system, and with Rocket LM, you will. Rocket LM tells you exactly what should be in each of your environments at any given time. You can work with your preferred version tools with the peace of mind of knowing that your software is always safe and always compliant.

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