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Rocket Software is a technology company, but we spend a lot of our time thinking about the business problems – versus the technological issues – our customers and partners face. That’s because software doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and forward-looking organizations know that technology investments only make sense if they support the bottom line.

In order to help companies plan for their future, we’ve teamed up with IBM to create Rocket® Launchpad. Rocket Launchpad is an engagement model designed to help organizations develop creative solutions to solve their most challenging data problems. Our intensive methodology is ideal for companies in any sector that need new ways to extend their use of data and develop cutting-edge design techniques to create richer, more personalized value propositions for their customers. Our interactive process lets participants identify problems that can be solved by data and uncover better ways to use this information.

Our main focus is on data monetization—helping organizations generate more revenue from all available data sources by uncovering trends, patterns and anomalies and turning these highly perishable insights into immediate value.

Join Rocket Software, IBM, and the world’s leading companies to discover how to harness, foster and scale up innovation around smarter use of enterprise data.

Inaugural Rocket Launchpad
March 28, 2016
San Francisco

For more information, or to register, email us at rocketlaunchpad@rocketsoftware.com.

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