• June 27, 2022

Backup Monitoring Tools | Rocket Servergraph


Servergraph can give you all you’ve always wanted in a backup solution

You have some expectations of your backup systems. You want them to keep your data safe without losing any of it. You want data to be easy to recover. You want your backups to meet compliance requirements. Your backup solutions may provide all these things, but they may not give you the information you need to be confident about what’s happening in your environment or to prove to auditors that backups are being done correctly. Backup monitoring tools are probably the only way to see how your system is performing overall and the only way to access the data that permits you to keep your backup and recovery processes consistently at peak efficiency.


Rocket Servergraph Professional provides the backup monitoring tools that make your backup environment safe, auditable, and compliant. It aids in identifying incomplete backups that haven’t been flagged by your existing backup software. Clients and datasets that haven’t been backed up recently are automatically identified. With Servergraph, there’s no need to worry about unprotected data. Configurable real-time alerts ensure that problems can be addressed before they become issues.


Servergraph has the tools to keep backups safe and efficient

Servergraph provides an abundance of reports that make it possible to ensure that your backup environment is operating at maximum efficiency. All reporting is centralized and accessible to authorized personnel via a web browser. Reports assist in the identification of underperforming drives, the analysis of tape and disk utilization, and the evaluation of storage usage.


Data is available to keep your backup system healthy. Historical storage consumption data is useful in planning future media requirements. Drive utilization information supports load balancing and other operational tasks. Available metrics reduce your risk of data loss, maximize resource utilization, and determine areas of potential cost savings.


Servergraph also increases staff efficiency. Everyone from operations staff to management has fast access to needed real-time information and historical data. Planning and projections are easier, including capacity planning. The environment can be viewed by almost any data element. Drive utilization information is always available.


Servergraph includes a TSM console

Servergraph is fully integrated with IBM TSM (now with the new name of Spectrum Protect). The Servergraph TSM Administration Console provides a centralized tool for managing all your Tivoli Storage Manager servers. The Admin Console enables you to issue commands to set retention time, define policy sets, create disaster recovery manager (DRM) files, and manage TSM servers. Of course, the Admin Console also provides access to a wealth of data about the state of the TSM environment.


And automated billing

Servergraph also offers a flexible automatic billing system. You can create separate billing rates for different levels of service, resources used, media type, onsite versus offsite storage, premium storage versus low end storage, and more.


Rocket Servergraph Professional saves time and resources by making problems easier to be predicted and avoided. When problems do occur, Servergraph provides information that helps identify the source of the problem so that you can get it fixed quickly. Servergraph aggregates data from highly diversified backup environments and present the combined information in easily understood graphics. Servergraph always gives instant access to details about your backup environment and maximizes your resource. In fact, with Servergraph you’ll probably find that your backup environment doesn’t just meet your expectations; it exceeds them.

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