• June 27, 2022

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Servergraph Backup Reporting

Things are so complex in the IT world that it’s hard to get your arms around just what’s happening. For instance, a typical backup infrastructure is backing up data using a conglomeration of different backup platforms and applications from different vendors. Grasping the big picture is difficult. To see what’s really going on in your backup environment, you need a tool that gives you a composite picture of all the disparate pieces of the backup process.


Backup reporting that gives you all the information you need

With Rocket Servergraph Professional, all backup information is centralized and readily accessible. Servergraph provides comprehensive backup reporting that makes it easy to see what’s happening in the entire backup environment. Information can be as granular as necessary; Servergraph reports can summarize backup data or drill down to the details. They give everyone in an organization the information he or she needs. Financial officers, storage administrators, operations teams, and CIOs will all find the facts and figures they require.


Servergraph comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box reports. These reports were developed based on our years of experiences in order to provide the data that’s most useful for managing a successful and efficient backup and recovery solution. Report builders are included to make creating custom reports a breeze. Reports can be easily modified, too, and can be scheduled for automatic email delivery on either a one-time or recurring basis.


A wealth of information in one central location

A configurable dashboard provides access to a wealth of reports with a wealth of actionable information. This is just some of the data available:


  • A high level overview of the entire environment is given by a management dashboard, which provides information such as success rates, total amount of data backed up, the amount of data located offsite, and how much storage is available. Views can be customized to display just the desired details.
  • An enterprise area gives summaries and statuses for the entire backup environment, including trends and resource usage. You can view daily activities or performance statistics. Backup reports can be sorted by many different criteria, such as per OS, per system, per application, or however it is defined by the recipients.
  • A topology view gives a high-level perspective of the entire backup environment. It provides a graphical view of all backup devices, all libraries, and all server connections. Drill-down capabilities show details.
  • A storage reporting area contains comprehensive data about storage, including usage trends, libraries, and storage by node and pool.
  • There’s also a health check category that addresses performance issues. It reports on disk performance, network performance, and server processing loading.
  • A node dashboard provides storage information and jobs by node.


Servergraph makes it easy to see what’s happening across your entire backup environment. Much of the data, such as node data, is aggregated from many sources. Information is readily available by client, by server, by storage pool—by most monitored elements. With this enhanced visibility, data is available to determine how to reduce costs and keep the backup and recovery process operating at maximum efficiency. It’s easy to see where storage is being used inefficiently or sessions are running too long. Servergraph provides up-to-date information about your entire backup environment to the right people in the right format.


Servergraph distinguishes itself with a clear interface, a central “single pane of glass”, and a robust, on-demand, customizable dashboard system for your entire heterogeneous backup environment.


Rocket Servergraph Professional Supports:


Servergraph Supports

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