• June 25, 2022

DevOps automation: the key to mobile and cloud application deployment

Automated DevOps

Have you ever gotten that email asking “what’s our mobile strategy?” Or, “what are we doing about the cloud?” Technology is constantly providing new opportunities to grow our businesses and to make them more efficient. Our business end users see and use these technologies every day. Understandably, they become anxious to take advantage of them in order to move the business forward.

In order to be responsive, it is tempting to rush headlong into mobile development or cloud infrastructure. Soon after we do that, the questions start coming up: How do we deploy our applications? How do we ensure all the parts of the applications get to the right place at the right time? How do we secure our environment? How do we protect our data on remote servers and end user devices? How do we maintain our regulatory compliance? The questions are significant.

These problems are just some of the challenges that can be overcome with automated DevOps solutions. Automated DevOps solutions are designed to provide a structured, automated way of promoting changes from developers into testing and then on into production.

These systems maintain an inventory of all the parts of the application, they know how the parts are related and how application components are built. When it comes time to deploy a change, they know which parts need to go to the mainframe, which to the web servers, which to the cloud and which to the mobile devices. They can ensure that if the versions are out of sync, that the application will either update automatically or prevent the user from accessing it. If there is a serious problem, they can quickly roll back affected environments to a prior, working state.

Automated DevOps is designed to allow you to deploy changes frequently so you can ensure that your systems are always providing the latest capabilities. With automated DevOps, you can be highly responsive to your end users while ensuring the quality and security of your production applications.

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