• June 25, 2022

Expand Insights into Your Entire Backup Environment with Rocket Servergraph Professional

Last week, I wrote about the exciting new release of Rocket Servergraph Professional v7.8, as well as a high-level overview of “what Servergraph is & how it works.” Today, I’d like to drill down to the REAL BENEFITS: the day-to-day IT and business value customers get out of Servergraph.

Well, allow me to start with my favorite line again: Servergraph is all you need to optimize your data protection and business continuity operations. Servergraph proactively monitors and reports on your entire backup environments, providing a real-time, in-depth, and holistic view for you to efficiently manage your data protection processes, cost and risks.

Rocket Servergraph Professional Supports


Ensures You’re Protected At ALL Times

Servergraph enables organizations of all sizes to get the maximum out of their existing backup infrastructure. By constantly monitoring the entire enterprise’s heterogeneous backup environment through a central console, Servergraph sends real-time and/or predictive alerts to the appropriate administrator before they turn into problems. Servergraph allows the administrator, from a central “single pane of glass,” either on-site or remotely, to view on-demand, customized reports and quickly drill down to assess the situation and take actions to avoid lapses and serious business/legal consequences.

Simplifies Operations, Maximizes Resources

Servergraph helps you extract the full value of your data protection hardware and software investment. With automated data aggregation, reporting, alerting, and monitoring, all in real-time, Servergraph detects missed backups and immediately notifies your team so you can quickly resolve problems. This proactive approach across heterogeneous backup systems significantly reduces the time you would spend on collecting, tabulating, extracting, converting and charting data to find and analyze complex incidents, allowing you to focus maximum effort on mitigating the potential for damage or risk through rapid containment and quickly finding/implementing solutions.

Delivers the Right Info to the Right Person

Servergraph supports custom dashboards for all management, administrators, and end-users levels, providing customizable reports tailored for different audience, whether it be backup administrators, CIOs, or business managers from other functions (i.e. IT, Finance, HR, etc.), all based on their specific needs, to see at a glance that complete data integrity is being maintained.

Servergraph offers the flexibility for you to create dashboards and reports per OS, per system, per application, or however it is defined by the recipients.

Improves Governance, Meets Compliance

Servergraph monitors each individual application or server and reports the status of the backups, providing an audit trail that documents and tracks all your backup activities/processes, with their respective retention periods. Servergraph also tracks the location of the backups, in particular it tracks the primary and offsite backup locations, marking any data that is not copied to an offsite location “at risk.”

Everything You Need

Rocket® Servergraph Professional delivers everything you need to ensure optimal performance and results for your data protection investment, saving cost and resources for your organization, and making backup admins the “first responder” heroes the organization needs.

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