• June 25, 2022

Linux Terminal Emulator for Windows

Rocket BlueZoneX makes X Window applications on Linux and UNIX hosts available via PCs, giving users access to information when they really need it. For instance, an architect works from home every morning and visits client sites or works in the office every afternoon. Wherever she is, she’s always able to easily retrieve the complex 2D and 3D architectural renderings that reside on her company’s UNIX host. A young veterinarian can reference a sick cow’s prior scans from his PC. BlueZoneX provides business users, engineers, scientists, and medical users with accurate imagery even as they benefit from the flexibility of Windows computers.


Provide everyone with the benefits of the best graphics

Rocket BlueZoneX doesn’t just assist users on the go; it makes it economical for everyone onsite to access via their PCs the sophisticated graphical applications hosted on Linux and UNIX servers. Organizations today often depend on diverse host systems, and BlueZoneX makes it possible to standardize access without nailing down users to just one computer. Standardization also facilitates collaboration, enabling effortless information sharing.

The savings are dramatic

A PC X server such as BlueZoneX is inherently economical. It eliminates the need for expensive UNIX workstations and improves productivity. With BlueZoneX, the news about cost is even better. It represents a savings of up to 90% compared to other PC X server solutions. Licensing is flexible, and staying up to date is not expensive: there is no charge to upgrade to a new version of Windows.


Some of the other advantages of BlueZoneX:

Security is built right in

Your information needs to be safe, and the industry-standard SSH built in to BlueZoneX ensures that it is. Terminal communications are always secure. BlueZoneX is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

No need to be limited to just one desktop

BlueZoneX can connect to multiple UNIX or Linux desktops simultaneously. The BlueZoneX terminal emulator makes it possible to work with X Window applications and PC applications simultaneously. It supports single or multiple Window modes and panning.

Superior graphics

BlueZoneX supports OpenGL. It includes Dynamic Low Bandwidth X to ensure good performance even in low bandwidth situations. Color depths of 1, 8, and 24 are supported.

Copy and paste capabilities

BlueZoneX can copy and paste both text and graphics by rectangle, window, and X-selection.

BlueZoneX is easy to install

BlueZoneX’s tools make conversion easy. We offer script conversion, professional support, and a competitive replacement program.

No need to be stuck in one location

BlueZoneX supports RSH, REXEC, and XDMCP.

BlueZoneX is reliable, fast, and always secure. It’s an easy way of giving everyone in your organization access to the benefits of Linux- and UNIX-based X Window applications, and it actually saves money at the same time. BlueZoneX supports any Linux or UNIX server.


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