• June 30, 2022

Live from IBM InterConnect 2016: the cloud grows up

The cloud is no longer just about storage and cheap computing power; it’s about adding real business value. That was the message from the IBM team during this morning’s general session at IBM InterConnect 2016, where they illustrated the point through a series of customer stories. As the session went on, there were two key themes that emerged.

In recent years, the IBM team has put a lot of effort into cognitive computing efforts, with Watson being the best known example, and have also been focusing on Internet of Things infrastructure. The combination of cognitive computing and IoT data can now allow businesses to combine real-time data with historical and predictive modeling to make decisions quickly and automatically.

As an example, Matthias Rebellius of Siemens Building Technologies explained how his company is leveraging both of these trends to build smarter buildings. By combining sensor data from hundreds of buildings with a cognitive computing system, Siemens is able to make buildings more comfortable for the people inside of them, as well as reduce carbon emissions by thousands of tons by reducing energy needs.

Another key theme revolved around the use of hybrid cloud platforms as a way to connect apps, services and systems so developers can build tools quickly and easily, with a high degree of flexibility. If you can build something and deploy it quickly, you can then iterate faster, which can help you respond to market conditions as they change instead of being behind by weeks (or months). This was exemplified by a story from Alpha Modus, a financial technology startup who is using IBM Bluemix and Watson Insights tools to give investors faster access to data points and social media conversations that can influence market changes.

IBM also brought up the team from Apple, who revealed that IBM is the world’s biggest user of their new Swift development language. By making the original Swift tools open source and releasing a Linux version late last year, developers are now able to use a single language to program from client to cloud, which helps to speed the innovation process.

Apple MobileFirst

IBM InterConnect 2016 is just getting started, and the Rocket team is excited to see what else happens this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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