Making social business “connections” with Rocket Discover

We’re well into the first decade of the social media revolution, and social interaction on digital platforms has become fundamental to the modern human experience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like have become the new social commons for many people, and that experience is now expanding rapidly from the personal realm into the professional.

In fact, during a recent panel discussion on fostering collaboration in BI, Dr. Claudia Imhoff, CEO of Intelligent Solutions, noted that the millennial generation bases decisions on “groupthink and decision,” and expects this trend to become the norm as younger people continue to join the workforce.  Most companies see this kind of digital collaboration as essential to effectively respond to critical issues through knowledge sharing. Yet, studies show that Fortune 500 companies lose more than $31 billion a year because they fail to share knowledge effectively.

So there’s no question that the market and many of our clients are looking for solutions that more tightly couple collaboration with BI. Enter the longstanding relationship between Rocket Software and IBM. Last year during our Rocket.Build event, IBM and Rocket software engineers set out to take on this very issue.

The result is the integration of our Rocket Discover BI solution with IBM’s Connections social sharing communications platform (available later this year). This seamless integration optimizes communication via the IBM Connections framework and more effectively capitalizes on data discovery with knowledge sharing across targeted teams. The result is that that all views can be heard and options discussed to ensure the best decision is made the best action taken.

Key elements of this integration include:

  • Sharing dashboards and storyboards to “communities” of authorized users within IBM Connections via community bookmarks;
  • Push notifications can be sent to the personal activity feeds of Community members when shared dashboards are updated;
  • Dashboard monitoring alerts also can be propagated to a Community’s Activity Feed;
  • IBM Connections users will enjoy an integrated experience, with shared dashboards appearing as thumbnails that can be viewed seamlessly.

Rocket Discover IBM Connections

As social media revolution continues its march into the workplace, Rocket Software and IBM are developing the tools that provide a perfect convergence of digital collaboration and BI.

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Julianna Cammarano

Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group

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