• July 1, 2022

Mobile App Development Tool | Rocket Mobile for IBMi

What’s for lunch? Apps describing each day’s cafeteria offerings are popular in large organizations, which sometimes also provide carpooling apps. Business travel apps take the pain out of travel arrangements. Apps are often used for filling out expense reports, submitting hours, sending information to a customer, and accessing customer information on the fly. A newspaper is creating an app that sorts advertising inserts, while a manufacturer uses apps to allow production managers to monitor the floor rather than being stuck at their desks.

No one can afford to ignore the mobile tsunami and its effect on the business landscape, but mobile mastery presents some thorny problems. An important hurdle is the fact that cross-platform excellence is difficult to achieve. Every platform has its own quirks and peculiarities, its own operating system and coding language, and expertise with one platform doesn’t transfer to the others. iOS and Android development, not to mention the other mobile systems available, are all very different.

Rocket Mobile for IBM i provides the mobile app development tools to overcome cross-platform problems. A wireframe builder makes it easy to create and preview apps, even for staff without mobile experience. Widgets can be simply dragged and dropped into the builder to design an app. Hybrid or Web development using HTML5 and CSS3 is also supported. There’s no need to worry about the hard-to-find coding skills for developing native Android and iPhone apps, and the wireframe builder means it’s even possible to develop apps without coding.


Furthermore, Rocket Mobile for IBM i integrates with the mobile app development tool Adobe’s PhoneGap. PhoneGap makes it possible for apps to run on a variety of mobile devices, and it provides access to device capabilities by wrapping HTML5 and CSS code in a native application. Plugins can further extend PhoneGap’s abilities.

Additionally, An API Gateway allows mobile applications to communicate with the host system. It includes REST APIs that can produce web services from host applications and business logic. Rocket Mobile for IBM i supports REST, SOAP, XML, Sockets, and JMS. It incorporates message routing capabilities with the ability to sort messages based on content or rules. APIs can be combined into a composite service.

Rocket Mobile for IBM i makes it easy to repurpose your existing applications as shiny new mobile apps. Your current applications don’t need to be updated or moved. Tools are also included for managing apps. Monitoring and reporting provide insight into how apps are being used. You can control which users and devices are allowed to access each app. It’s simple to revoke access, and revoking access automatically erases data on the device.

Rocket Mobile for IBM i contains all the mobile app development tools you need to connect your legacy applications to mobile applications. It integrates back office systems seamlessly with new mobile development and puts critical information—and lunch menus—in the hands of the people who need them. Rocket Mobile is a secure and comprehensive solution that allows for fast, easy development and effectively manages mobile across multiple devices.


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