• June 25, 2022

IT Modernization | Rocket Mobile for IBMi

Mobile is now a cornerstone of IT modernization. It’s an excellent way to release the power in legacy assets. It gives old data new life, and, surprisingly, old data often reveals new insights. Mobile actually adds value to data by making it more accessible and by using it in new applications.

Going mobile as part of an IT modernization project is a great opportunity to rethink procedures and decide what’s most relevant. It’s not at all uncommon to be able to create an app that greatly simplifies processes or reduces processing time. Execution can be expedited, sometimes dramatically. Mobile experiences are more task driven and granular, and disassembling a task for mobile can be revealing.

Mobile can be used to generate statistics and performance data instantly on the fly. It can give every manager the ability to react fast and the information necessary to make good decisions. There is perhaps no better way to increase agility. Office functions can be streamlined, approvals and other paperwork can be made more efficient, and collaborative tasks are easier to manage. Work orders, checklists, and surveys are all potentially greatly simplified by mobile apps.

Perhaps the most important reason for making mobile the centerpiece of an IT modernization plan is that it makes life easier for both employees and consumers. Mobile can drastically improve user experiences. Mobile devices increase engagement, driving sales while boosting employee morale. They encourage collaboration and communication. Training is easier, employees always have the latest information, and the information is consistent across channels.

It’s perhaps ironic that some of the country’s strongest IT departments haven’t yet adopted mobile because of incompatibilities with their existing systems or because of a lack of mobile-specific staff. Rocket Mobile has an answer for IBM i organizations. Rocket Mobile for IBM i is an end-to-end solution for managing mobile that repurposes existing applications as mobile apps and gives data an opportunity to come out into the sun and shine. No mobile experience is required.


Mobile is a great way to get started on IT modernization without touching mission-critical and trusted applications. Rocket Mobile for IBM i doesn’t require any rewriting on the host system. Information is shared with mobile apps via an API Gateway and existing applications are unaffected. No migration is necessary.

Furthermore, Rocket Mobile for IBM i is secure. Data is encrypted in transit and while on a device. It’s even encrypted while cached on a device, ensuring that a lost or stolen mobile device doesn’t represent any security risk. LDAP integration provides assistance in defining role- or group-based access. If an employee leaves and access is revoked, all data on the device is erased.

Finally, Rocket Mobile for IBM i helps enterprises take advantage of the latest technology in a secure environment that’s designed specifically for the IBM i community. Mobile apps can be created fast and start providing benefits right away. Rocket Mobile for IBM i includes monitoring and reporting capabilities for analyzing user engagement–the delight employees take in new mobile apps can actually be quantified and measured.


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