• June 26, 2022

This is your song…

It’s hard to believe that it’s only the second day of InterConnect. So much is going on here that it feels like the Rocket team has already been here for weeks! There’s so much to talk about (you can read about it from the Rocketeers who are blogging and tweeting from the expo floor, sessions, and our HackZone) on the technology side, but today I’m also thinking about one of my other passions: music.

I’ve been playing guitar, piano and other instruments since I was a kid. Over the last few years it’s become an important part of how I run Rocket Software. Several years ago a group of us got together for an impromptu jam in my basement during our annual leadership summit (we were a smaller company then, so we could get the whole executive team in my house!). None of us had ever played together, and we didn’t know too many songs in common, but it just worked. It was amazing to see people interacting so creatively outside of the context of our day jobs.

The Rocket BandThat was the beginning of The Rocket Band. A group of us played at our sales kickoff meeting in Bermuda, and a year later a slightly different lineup performed at our meeting in Lake Las Vegas. Then we went big-time, including two shows at the House of Blues in Las Vegas and the closing slot at Boston TechJam in 2015. And with each show, we keep adding new members – including singers, guitarists, and even a horn section. So many Rocketeers wanted to join that we now have EIGHT different Rocket Bands that play everything from jazz to funk to classical to heavy metal. And our members come from everywhere: Russia, England, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, France…the list goes on. Check out our brand new Rocket Music page to see how we use music as a way to foster real collaboration across the entire company.

So what does this have to do with InterConnect? Well, for the last several years Rocket has been the entertainment sponsor at a number of IBM shows here in Las Vegas – and tomorrow night we’ll be hosting a concert by Elton John at the MGM Grand. I’ll be opening the show on guitar (before Sir Elton plays) and we’ll be giving away a Fender Stratocaster guitar to one lucky winner.

See you tomorrow night – and be prepared to rock out!

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Andy Youniss co-founded Rocket Software in 1990 and continues to be the company's main driving force. Andy successfully established and actively manages Rocket's largest OEM partnerships and is guiding the company's growth through technology investments, acquisitions, new product lines, and strategic partnerships. Prior to founding Rocket Software, Andy was the development manager for DB View Inc., a software company specializing in DB2 database tools. Previously, he was a programmer/analyst at American Management Systems, and was also a project development consultant. Andy holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.


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