• February 22, 2020

Apache Spark on IBM z/OS: Something New in Mainframe Analytics

For the last few years we’ve been talking with organizations that want to move their analytics closer to their data so that they can make faster, more accurate, decisions that help them become more efficient and profitable. Eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of copying data for analysis helps ensure that insights can be acted upon before they perish.

Apache SparkThat vision of moving analytics closer to the data (instead of the other way around) is taking another major step forward thanks to IBM’s newly announced z/OS Platform for Apache Spark. Apache Spark on z/OS brings an entirely new – and extremely popular – analytics workload to IBM z Systems. We are bullish on this new technology on big iron because it leverages both the z/OS architecture and the proximity to all of your mainframe data – including IMS, VSAM, DB2, SMF, and more.

IBM is showcasing its Apache Spark initiatives for z/OS beginning today at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, and over the next few months will be introducing new use cases, reference architectures, research and documentation highlighting how Spark is transforming the mainframe environment.

Customers interested in getting started with Apache Spark on z/OS can sign up for Rocket Launchpad, an engagement model designed to help organizations develop creative solutions to solve their most challenging data problems.

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