• June 25, 2022

Proactively monitor your ENTIRE backup environment with Rocket Servergraph Professional

We’re excited to announce v7.9 of Rocket Servergraph Professional, which is available now for download from the Rocket Customer Portal.

Rocket Servergraph Professional reduces the cost and complexity of monitoring and reporting on your entire backup environment across heterogeneous platforms and applications. Servergraph ensures you get optimal performance and results from your data protection investment. It delivers automated reports, customizable dashboards, and real-time alerts, helping administrators and business managers become more proactive and efficient in delivering quality services. With Servergraph, you can achieve better Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), while meeting cost, operations, and compliance goals.

3 must-knows about Servergraph:

  1. Identify and solve problems faster with a “single pane of glass” for your entire backup environment: Single view across heterogeneous platforms – Servergraph proactively monitors your entire backup environment, regardless of how many tools from different vendors have been implemented, and provides automated dashboards and reports allowing you to better manage your data protection processes, costs, and risks. Servergraph provides a centralized console — a “single pane of glass” — offering real-time, in-depth, and comprehensive views of your data protection infrastructure, so that you can quickly drill into issues, and take actions to avoid lapses that might carry serious business or legal consequences.
  1. Reduce costs on backup hardware, software, and operations: Savings on both CAPEX and OPEX – Servergraph is an agentless solution with minimal footprint that is easy to integrate with your existing backup environment. Once in place, it helps you extract greater value from your investments in data protection hardware and software. With automated, real-time (or even predictive) data aggregation, monitoring, reporting and alerting, Servergraph detects missed backups anywhere across your backup environment, identifies stale backups as well as top resource hogs, and immediately notifies your team. This proactive approach significantly reduces the time your team spends on collecting and analyzing complex data to identify incidents, allowing you to focus on containing issues and solving problems.
  1. Ensure compliance, improve governance, and achieve SLAs: Complete and readily available audit trail – Rocket® Servergraph Professional monitors each individual backup application or server, capturing and reporting backup statuses. This provides a complete and readily available audit trail that tracks and documents all your backup activities and processes, for specific locations, departments, business units, or servers. Servergraph not only helps you expedite documenting compliance, it significantly improves your auditability and makes daunting auditing processes a breeze.

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Available NOW: Rocket Servergraph Professional v7.9

Key highlights for this new release include:

  • Added support for Microsoft DPM backup application
  • Added IBMi system monitoring (Memory, Storage, CPU)
  • Added support for EMC Isilon storage appliance
  • Enhanced Data Domain reporting
  • Simplified BackupExec collection, enhanced reporting

If you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement for Servergraph, you can download this new release from the Rocket Customer Portal.  If you don’t have a Customer Portal account, you can create one by simply following the registration instructions for new users.  Once you’re logged in, simply turn to the Servergraph page to get updates you are eligible to download, based on your organization’s active agreements.

If you’re using Servergraph but do not have an active maintenance agreement, your Rocket Software Account Executive can help you get current.  If you do not know your Account Executive or would prefer to have someone contact you, please complete this contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

For more information, please visit us at Rocket Servergraph Professional.


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