• July 1, 2022

Putting our values to work at the inaugural President’s Advisory Council

RPACJust about every company has some sort of company values statement in place, but it can be difficult to transform aspirational  words into day-to-day operations. That’s why the Rocket leadership team spends so much time figuring out how to make our mission ring true. One of our key values reads “Putting Customers and Partners First.” So what does that look like in the real world?

Last month more than a dozen customers from all over the world were part of the Rocket President’s Advisory Council (RPAC). We wanted this to be more than your typical product roadmap pitch, and instead, use it as an opportunity to listen– with our group of experienced engineers that can be challenging. But it worked. Customers opened up, and when it was over I felt pretty confident that we had really lived up to the values that we talk about so much. So what made the RPAC so successful?

  • Our agenda was their agenda. Instead of coming in with a list of topics we wanted to discuss, we let the customers dictate the course of the day. It’s one thing to listen to customers talk about things we want to talk about, but real listening requires a blank canvas where their issues and concerns can be heard.
  • Companies hold customer advisory council meetings all the time, but participants are often left wondering if their ideas are really being heard. That’s why we made sure to have our entire leadership team in the room. Part of putting customers and partners first is letting them know that we want to incorporate their feedback into Rocket at the highest level.
  • The RPAC was a working session dedicated to figuring out–and solving–the issues that matter most to our customers. We didn’t showcase any new products or try to sell anything. It was all about our commitment to working on their issues.

We were really energized by the results of the first RPAC. We got to spend quality time with some of our great customers and at the same time, “walk the walk” of who we are at Rocket, a company that really does put our customers and partners first.

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