• June 27, 2022

Change Control Management

Change control is the process of standardizing change procedures. Change today is complex. Convoluted platform, library and directory structures present challenges in determining where all the parts of a change belong. Parts can be missed or put in the wrong places. Rocket change control management simplifies the process of change.

Making changes through a central system is essential to good change control management, and Rocket solutions provide an accessible centralized system that always reflects current status accurately. They provide all the necessary data for the kind of up-to-the-minute precise reporting that gives an error-free snapshot of the state of the system at any given time, supplying developers with real-time information that’s invaluable for troubleshooting and planning.

This central information repository makes it particularly easy for development and operations to exchange information. Rocket change control management aggregates the knowledge in the many different tools in the typical environment and makes the information that’s hidden away in a conglomeration of different technologies readily available for new insights.

A visible display which makes critical information about incidents easy to find is indispensable for change control management. Even better is a system that allows a user to quickly access incident details. Rocket change control management provides reporting on every aspect of the software development cycle. A central inventory supplies detailed information about software components viewable by criteria such as business functions. Up-to-date status information is always available.

Security is easy to implement with Rocket change control management. Teams may be in the same building or on opposite sides of the world, but access is easy to control whether staff is in Hong Kong or in Kansas City. Outsourced development can be provided with its own environment. Access can be limited to specific teams, individuals or can be role based. Rocket change control management makes it easy to get information to anyone who needs it while protecting information that needs to be secure.

In conventional change control management, there’s always a danger of tasks and statuses getting out of sync, with various tools holding different information. Rocket change control management coordinates items for the entire system, with historical records that makes it possible to drill down and see everything that’s recorded for each item. There’s no confusion about which version of an item is the latest or what release with which it is associated. The wealth of data available for every item improves decision making and forecasting.

Rocket change control management automates the workflow, eliminating manual errors and making the process repeatable. Different kinds of changes can have different required workflows. The entire change control process can be easily managed through a single screen. All components are deployed properly at every stage through a process that’s traceable and repeatable.

All of Rocket change control management procedures have compliance baked right in. Configurable definitions specify phases that components need to pass through, with required policies or regulations being automatically enforced. Developers have more time for creative work and manual errors are no longer a problem. Good change control management can revolutionize an organization, making change easy, economical, and safe.

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