• February 20, 2019

Data Backup Reporting

There are probably a million books about the health and productivity benefits of uncluttering your life, but have you thought about the benefits of uncluttering your backup system? If you work with backups, there’s probably significantly less stress in your life if you know your system is in the capable cyberhands of a competent backup monitoring system. It’s even more reassuring if your system provides data backup reporting that shows you just where everything is in your system and what its current state is.

A single-pane-of-glass data backup reporting solution makes data easier to understand

Rocket Servergraph Professional is a single-pane-of-glass backup monitoring system that supplies any information you need about your backups through dashboards or data backup reporting. As a single-pane-of-glass solution, it’s doing significant decluttering before it even presents any data: it unifies heterogeneous data from disparate sources in a standardized fashion, making accessing and understanding data easier, and, yes, less stressful.

Reporting on the entire backup environment

Servergraph provides overview reports of the entire environment as well as detailed reports that focus on almost every component in the backup environment. Reporting is available on specific backup nodes, for instance. Knowing where things are and being able to find them easily makes everyone more productive. Servergraph’s backup reporting makes just about any information about a backup environment readily available to anyone who needs it. It makes day-to-day functioning easier, and it better prepares an organization for emergencies.

Servergraph can help you economize on space

When you declutter your home you expect to gain storage space, and decluttering your backup environment often also reveals potential storage savings. Servergraph includes a “Storage Abusers” report that identifies users taking up too much storage. It also assists in finding excess space in backups or archives.

Servergraph makes data backup reporting configurable

Servergraph’s backup reporting is designed to be used by everybody in an organization and to give everybody access to the information they need. Reports are available for both IT administrators and business users. Custom reports can be created with the two included report-writing tools, one for advanced users and one for non-technical users. A selection of dashboards is also available, and dashboards can also be customized.

Servergraph issues alerts for missed backups and backup failures. These alerts are configurable; you can choose what kind of event should trigger an alert and who should be alerted.

It’s said that decluttering your house gives you a sense of control, perhaps the sense of being in control that Servergraph gives you. Servergraph allows you to configure alerts, reports, and dashboards in whatever fashion is most useful to your unique backup environment. This flexibility doesn’t mean that the quality of Servergraph monitoring is ever compromised, however. It’s always on the job 24 hours of the day, making the backup environment safer and more economical while it makes your job less stressful.

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