• June 29, 2022

Proactive Backup Reporting

In one of the most famous backup near-disasters, the movie Toy Story 2 was almost lost to bad backup procedures. A “rm *” command was accidentally run at the root level on the UNIX machine where the movie files were stored. Someone noticed that the movie files were disappearing, but by the time panicky employees pulled the plug on the UNIX, 90% of the movie was already gone. The movie files had been regularly backed up, but no one had noticed that the backups had been failing for the past month. Fortunately, one of the technical directors had been working from home and had copied the files to her home computer, so by a stroke of luck the movie was saved.

Don’t risk your data with backups that may not work

Proactive backup reporting provides extensive information about a backup environment, so extensive that failing backups can’t go unnoticed for months at a time. Rocket Servergraph Professional proactive backup reporting supplies all the data needed to keep backups running at maximum efficiency. It identifies issues in real time so that they can be resolved before they can cause data loss or corruption. Servergraph can be configured to issue alerts for failed backups, but it can also issue predictive alerts for suspected developing problems.

Servergraph keeps backups running at peak efficiency

Servergraph’s proactive backup reporting also assists in identifying performance issues. Drill-down capabilities provide detailed information by procedure or hardware device. Backup procedures can be fine-tuned to maximum efficiency.

Reports for every type of user, and the ability to create even more

Servergraph comes with a large selection of out-of-the-box reports. The reports are designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users, including IT users and business users. It also provides two reporting engines designed to assist in the creation of custom reports. One of the reporting engines is designed for the use of advanced users, but the other is intended to allow non-technical users to write their own reports. Servergraph is equipped with a rich selection of dashboards as well as the ability to design custom dashboards.

Servergraph is a tool for planning

Servergraph’s proactive backup reporting is invaluable for capacity planning. Historical data establishes how fast storage areas have filled up in the past and how long it will likely take them to fill up in the future. It can also find excess space in backups or identify users who are taking up too much space.

Rocket Software’s Servergraph solution supplies a safer, more effective backup environment

Servergraph is suitable for a business of any size. It supports more than thirty backup platforms and applications, provides a complete audit trail, and can assist in meeting compliance requirements. It reduces risk, increases efficiency, and really protects your data. It’s economical and provides useful reports and dashboards for users at all levels.

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