• June 29, 2022

Release management tools

It’s critical that software updates are available quickly to the customers and staff who want to use them. Rocket release management tools make correct and timely software releases possible. They move the release package through the appropriate stages of the software lifecycle and deploy files to the appropriate targets without depending on error-prone manual procedures. Automating repetitive steps saves time and improves release quality. Whether files are graphics, documents, code, audio files, HTML, or web pages, our release management tools handle them efficiently. We support any environment, too: Windows, Unix, Linux, MultiValue and the IBM i platform.

Nothing succeeds like success. Putting in place procedures for effective release management can introduce a virtuous circle that benefits your business even more tomorrow than it does today. Rocket release management tools make every release more dependable, therefore they encourage frequent releases, resulting in an environment that’s more likely to be up to date. Dependable releases improve morale, especially when no one has to spend sleepless weekends trying to get a release installed. Customers appreciate knowing when new features will be delivered. Internal staff appreciates having a reliable schedule to work with. Easy rollbacks take even more worry out of the release cycle.

Everything goes better with automation. It eliminates human errors, and each automated release provides an excellent foundation for subsequent releases. Our release management tools allow you to deploy code packages automatically or to select the proper files at any stage and package them to be sent to the appropriate destination.

Multiple releases? No problem. With Rocket release management, you can work on multiple releases of an application simultaneously. It will maintain the individual integrity of each release while tracking the potential for cross release conflicts (e.g., a fix is made in one release to a program that has been changed in another release).  It will ensure that conflicting changes are tracked and that no changes are lost. Rocket release management tools can define and automatically synchronize multiple releases, eliminating the errors inherent in manual processing.

Rocket release management tools are state of the art. They are designed to make compliance easy and to support best business practices. Approvals are tracked and all activities are logged. Every change package includes a full history of the change lifecycle from the original request and developer changes through each step of the testing process and onward to the final move to production. Our release management tools always include a full audit trail. Security is easy to implement: access limitations are simple to set up, including role-based access limitations. We automate the mundane tasks, freeing staff for more creative work.

Rocket release management tools provide excellent mechanisms for encouraging collaboration. Everyone has visibility to exactly what is happening with the release. Better yet, they give everyone the necessary methodology to get the job done right. Specific releases can be created for specific teams, with access limited to team members. Information for making good decisions is readily available, including data on system dependencies. Scheduling and status details are consistent and centrally accessible. Team members approach a release with enthusiasm when the infrastructure is in place to get the project done correctly.

Our release management tools help you cut costs, improve software quality, increase efficiency, speed up software delivery times, and minimize errors. All this, and they’re a pleasure to use—understandable, informative, and traceable.

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