• July 6, 2022

Software Configuration Management

It may be difficult to see what’s going on in a typical manual IT environment. Many organizations have more than one platform and a tangle of applications. Staff and hardware are frequently located across the country or around the globe. It’s sometimes hard to even determine which subsystems will be affected by an update, and often there isn’t a lot of time to figure things out when downtime is a danger. Systems that are maintained by hand become fragile and downright frightening to change. This results in updates being put off as long as possible and a resulting delay in introducing beneficial new features. Fortunately, there’s a solution to all these problems: good software configuration management.

Software configuration management identifies and controls the components of an IT environment. It improves traceability and accountability, automates processes, and makes them repeatable. It eliminates many of the boring, repetitive, and error-prone manual chores associated with updates. It makes software modifications safer, preserving business value while maintaining—or increasing—customer satisfaction. Configuration management makes an organization run more effectively today, and it aids in improved planning for tomorrow.

Rocket solutions provide all the advantages of software configuration for your organization. Sophisticated change control tools automatically verify and approve updates. Only approved releases are promoted to production. A wizard is available that creates workflows or custom escalation rules. Changes are traceable and always compliant.

Rocket Lifecycle Manager builds a central inventory of components, ensuring that every project resource is accounted for. Components are accessible by business function. Runtime dependencies are tracked and managed. Versioning is always correct and the version is always identifiable, and it’s always possible to find the latest version of a file. Relationships between components are viewable.

Software configuration management also manages the deployment process, ensuring that files are automatically deployed to the proper targets. Deployments are easily conducted through a single screen that provides up-to-date information. Even rebuilds are simple.

Software configuration management assists in evaluating the functioning of systems. It identifies vulnerabilities and aids in correcting them, permitting the delivery of a quality product on time and within budget. Rocket solutions also allow staff at any level to access information about the current status of any component at any time.

Manual processes are prone to inconsistency. Automated software configuration management tools ensure that everything is always done in accordance with best practices, resulting in software of better quality. It’s hard–perhaps impossible–to ensure compliance in an environment where configuration is manual, but with Rocket tools, configuration is dependably compliant for every process.

Rocket software configuration management for application development allows easy access to information about what’s happening with system changes at any given time. It facilitates efficient and economical change control. Individual components are properly integrated and traceable, productivity and collaboration are improved, tedious tasks are automated, and manual errors eliminated. Software configuration management enforces best practices and ensures compliance. Updates can be undertaken with confidence.

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