• June 27, 2022

From green to clean: how to prepare for the modernization of customized JDE green-screen applications

JDE Green Screen Workshop

One of the biggest challenges in the technology world is keeping existing software relevant. No organization wants to go through a major replacement every few years just to keep up with the times, but at the same time legacy systems need to be as easy to use as the latest and greatest software. Making this happen is at the heart of Rocket Software’s approach to modernization. Simply put, we extend the life of technology investments by keeping them current and compatible with the latest innovations.

Many users of customized JD Edwards (JDE) applications face this conundrum every day. On one hand, they are heavily dependent on these tools to achieve their business and technical goals, but they also find it increasingly difficult to use them. What if there was a way to keep these powerful systems in place while letting users seamlessly connect to new technologies? In fact, there is!

We are inviting anyone who is faced with the difficulty of modernizing heavily customized JDE applications to join me and Robert Young for a virtual workshop on September 21st @ 11AM EDT to help JDE customers with their modernization issues.

This one-hour hands-on online workshop is designed specifically for JD Edwards customers to show how to modernize their heavily customized JDE green screen applications without worrying about complex technical limitations or the challenges of adding custom code. We will provide specific examples and demonstrations of how the modernization of existing JD Edwards systems are achieved. The session will focus on:

  • How to effectively plan for a modernization project from both a technical and a business perspective
  • How to setup the infrastructure to support continuous modernization to add customer value
  • The right approach for varying modernization business requirements
  • How to overcome obstacles to change by demonstrating ease-of-use across the workforce
  • How to integrate functions and data from multiple systems into new, unified workflows
  • How modernization will provide a strategic ROI
  • Creating great user experiences rather than just cool graphical user interfaces

To sign up for this free online workshop, just click here.

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