• July 1, 2022

Rocket D3 voted best MultiValue database by DBTA readers

DBTA 2016 Reader's Choice AwardEarlier this month, Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) Magazine announced the results of their 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards. We were excited to learn that Rocket D3 was voted Best MultiValue Database by DBTA reader, with Rocket UniVerse also coming in as a finalist.

As DBTA states, “Over the years, MultiValue technology has maintained its base of strong advocates despite strong trend toward relational database management systems. And, now with an expanding appreciation for polyglot persistence, or put more simply, the selection of the best tool for the job, there is a growing recognition that different data management systems offer different benefits and that some are better suited for certain requirements than others.”

The Rocket team would like to thank all of the DBTA readers who voted for Rocket D3, UniVerse and UniData, as well as congratulate all of the other winners.

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