• June 26, 2022

Unlock the power of the mainframe to create new revenue opportunities

Rocket Software Forrester Webinar

Customers are the focal point of any business, and represent the best revenue opportunities.  In financial services, the business trend of optimizing the customer experience touches every single function in the company. Delivering, servicing, and gaining insight from those customers requires a new level of IT infrastructure flexibility and real-time access to  mainframe data.

Virtually every customer transactional touch point can be sourced from the mainframe, adding important business context, and revenue opportunities, from a comprehensive view of customers. We’ll explore and suggest a roadmap for bringing mainframe data to the forefront of generating revenue from customers in our webinar, Unlocking Revenue Opportunities with Mainframe Data Virtualization, on December 14th at 11 am EST.

Bryan Smith, VP of Research and Development, and CTO, of Rocket Software, and guest speaker Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture professionals, of Forrester Research, will cogently weave together the critical business and technical issues that are sometimes stumbling blocks to instantaneously transforming data into customer insights that drive revenue. Suitable for business managers across marketing, service, sales, finance and operations, and IT professionals, the webinar will detail how to align business and information goals with a real-time data architecture using mainframe data virtualization.

The end goal is transforming mainframe data instantaneously into actionable insight that not only enhances your customer relationships, but expands revenue opportunities by transforming the culture of your marketing, service, and sales teams into being proactive drivers of offering what your customers need right now.

For business analysts, business intelligence professionals, and chief architects, the webinar will help transform the mainframe into a critical part of your BI and analytics strategy. Marketers, and service professionals, will benefit from understanding how to use real-time mainframe transactional data to understand customer buying preferences. And the holy grail of all customer facing professionals, the single view of the customer, with instant mainframe input, will be discussed based on its impact on revenue. A mainframe data virtualization financial industry use case including situation analysis, solution, and results will also be presented.

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Calvin Fudge spends an inordinate amount of time focused on the challenges companies face with data integration. In the last decade he has worked extensively on data services and data virtualization, and is part of a team that helped launch Rocket's mainframe data virtualization solution. He currently serves as director of product marketing for Rocket's Data Lab, where he is helping customers increase business insight with real-time mainframe analytics.


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