• June 27, 2022

Anthem, IBM, and IMS Tools: What I Did at IBM InterConnect 2017

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This week I attended IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas for the first time. Like all of my fellow Rocketeers who were there I had a great opportunity to spend several days with Rocket’s customers, partners, and peers to discuss the ways our industry is changing, growing, and helping businesses thrive in uncertain times. The infectious energy on the show floor made me excited to see where the future takes Rocket and all its clients.

I was honored to give a presentation about Anthem Corporation’s partnership with IBM and their switch from their prior IMS model to IBM Information Management System (IMS) Tools. Anthem and IBM first started working together in 2009 to migrate the health insurance giant to IBM IMS Tools, a plan they called the “IMS IMPROVE PROJECT.” IBM provided project management and technical resources to support the project, with the goal of migrating Anthem’s prior IMS Tools to the IBM IMS Tools set.

One in nine Americans receives health coverage through Anthem’s affiliated plans, and to help Anthem serve its growing member base, IBM’s goal was to improve scalability, stability, efficiency, longevity, and availability while lowering the costs of Anthem’s IMS environment. They did this by switching Anthem to IBM’s superior toolset and best practices approach to IMS. Today, Anthem benefits from standardization in their tools and infrastructure, best-in-class scalability and availability, and a successful partnership with the IBM IMS and IMS Tools labs.

Anthem is well positioned to leverage even more IMS Tools efficiencies, benefiting from IBM’s conditional reorganization today, and ready for recovery autonomics, implementing the Management Console Web UI, and leveraging predictive analytics services in the future. Anthem’s insured clientele experience a higher standard of care and insurer interaction. And this is just one example of how embracing new technology solutions can help companies raise their bottom line and expand their horizons. I look forward to more events like InterConnect, where I can share success stories like Anthem’s partnership with IBM and inspire more businesses to migrate to IBM IMS Tools.

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