• December 3, 2021

Yes! Someone disrupted my industry!

Innovation is hard.

Disruptive innovation is even harder.

So let’s face it, the company that is going to disrupt your entire industry will probably not be your own. But is that disruption really a threat or should it be considered an opportunity instead?


Hello data driven disruption!

Traditional examples of innovative disruption talk about new physical products eventually replacing other products.  Plastic replaced wood and glass, the floppy drive was replaced by the CD drive and LEDs replaced light bulbs.


Big Data

More recent disruptions however, are of a new category: data driven startups that disrupt markets with services instead of introducing a new physical product.

These startups are typically digital, very agile and have the power to disrupt an industry within weeks after creation. Chances are you probably will not see them coming.



If you can’t beat them, make sure you can join them!

The good news is that most data driven startups rely on third party data to provide their services. If your company has the type of data that the startup requires to offer its services in your industry then you can monetise your data if you are able to provide (external) access to that data.

You will have to move quick though because the startup will work with whomever that can provide the data it needs; it will not wait a year while your IT-department develops the necessary infrastructure and services.


Digital Transformation


Fortunately, Rocket offers solutions that can help you to quickly and securely expose access to structured and unstructured data within days without jeopardising the day to day business.

Are you ready to welcome and leverage the disruptor in your industry?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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Jeroen van Dun is a Product Manager at Rocket Software.


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