• June 27, 2022

Rocket Helps Cristie Nordic AB Expand Business

From their employee-owned business model to their specialty disaster recovery and business planning solutions, innovation is an everyday occurrence at IT provider Cristie Nordic AB. Their clientele includes some of the largest companies in the world, so in 2014 when they decided to expand into cloud-based services, it was imperative that they convince customers to come onboard. Their key challenge was that customers were concerned about having enough visibility into their cloud backups. Their perception was they couldn’t gauge their data growth—or accurately predict what their hosting charges would be in the next year.

“Servergraph has allowed us to expand our MSP business quite rapidly. We have seamlessly grown backup data under management from 100 TB to 3 PB within two years in a region of the world that on average has smaller companies with less data.”

— Magnus Thunberg, Data Protection Specialist, Cristie Nordic AB

Cristie Nordic AB met with Rocket and came together with a solution. Rocket Servergraph was extended to Cristie Nordic AB’s customers and gave them the confidence the needed in their cloud data. The billing and chargeback systems were also improved, simplifying accounting for everyone involved. The investment in cloud technologies, and with Rocket Servergraph bolstering their back-end, Cristie Nordic AB grew their business exponentially over the following two years.

To get the full details of just how Rocket Servergraph helped Cristie Nordic AB, download the full case study now.


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