• May 17, 2022

Rocket Helps Fidelity Investments Speed and Control Change Management

Fidelity Investments attributes much of its success to a simple philosophy: developing and using the latest, most sophisticated technology at every level enables them to exceed business objectives and customer expectations. It’s a philosophy we at Rocket share, and one we see contributes to many of our customer’s achievements.

In their pursuit of innovation, Fidelity met with Rocket to address growing application development needs. Fidelity’s natural growth instigated new problems in maintaining effective collaboration, coordination, and control of development across distributed systems and teams. The number of test and production boxes they used further aggravated the situation. Rollouts were becoming more complicated and consuming greater amounts of development time and resources. It became apparent to Fidelity that they needed an application development tool to make collaboration easier, and deployment painless.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i) and Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager allowed Fidelity to automate workflows with point-and-click ease, and reduce project delivery time with fewer errors.

“[Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager] is extremely robust. The ability to distribute software to four or five IBM i machines at the click of a button is definitely a huge benefit.”

—Adele Ebbage, Senior Systems Manager, Fidelity Investments (UK)

To learn more about how Fidelity Investment leverages Rocket ALM in their everyday, download the case study now.

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