• May 17, 2022

Managing software deployments to complex multi-platform environments

What if you held a webinar and EVERYBODY came? That’s about what happened at our Digital Transformation webinar a few weeks ago. In fact, we broke an all-time company record for attendance. That gives you an idea of excitement about this topic. In addition to all the questions on strategies for building web, mobile and services capabilities into current applications, one of the major topics people asked about was: How do you manage all of the parts in these complex, multi-platform environments? When you make a change, how do you make sure the web parts get to the web servers, the mobile parts get to the mobile devices and the IBM i parts get to the IBM i locations?

Solving that problem is the objective of Rocket’s Aldon Lifecycle Manager. Aldon Lifecycle Manager manages all of the parts of the application, regardless of what platform for which they may be built. An Aldon Lifecycle Manager deployment package can include Web, Windows, Mobile, IBM i, MV, Linux and Unix parts. All the user needs to do is identify which change package they are ready to promote and/or deploy. Aldon Lifecycle Manager will ensure that all the right pieces get to the right places at the right time. And if something goes wrong, you can ask Aldon Lifecycle Manager to back the changes out and put the systems back to how they were.

Importantly, every operation is managed and tracked. You can decide who has the permission to set up those change packages and who must approve their deployment. If an auditor asks, you can give them a detailed history of everything that was done. You can show them who requested the change, who approved the promotion and deployment of the change. You can show them what changes were made to the code and even how the build was done. With the new Node.js ops portal, you perform these deployments right from any web browser or mobile device.

We have customers that are now using Aldon Lifecycle Manager to manage deployments across networks of hundreds or even thousands of servers. They simply select the change package they want deployed and Aldon Lifecycle Manager does the rest. Aldon Lifecycle Manager also keeps track of the specific version of each file that should be running in production. At any time, you can check to make sure that the systems are running what they are supposed to be running.

If you’d like to see how Aldon Lifecycle Manager can help you manage and simplify your digital transformation project, please watch the recorded webinar, “How to Manage Software Releases and Deployments in Today’s Complex Environments”.

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