• May 17, 2022

Rocket Helps TW Metals Boost Transaction Processing and Employee Productivity

TW Metals’ specialty metals can be found in a wide range of places: machine shops, race cars, track manufacturers, retail and—oh yeah—outer space. Powering their business is a proprietary inventory management system that runs on the IBM i (AS/400) platform. Used daily by more than 600 employees, the system is central to managing thousands of TW Metals product SKUs. In 2010, the company’s CIO recognized the need to optimize employee interactions with this system based on the amount of time it took to complete necessary tasks using its green screen-based user interface. The management team at TW Metals also noted that it had become difficult to hire and retain new employees who were accustomed to working with GUIs. In fact, given the wide age range of TW Metals employees, some had never even seen a green screen before, let alone used one.

“The Rocket Software team knew exactly what our challenge was, both from a business and a technical perspective.”

—Aldo Miceli, Vice President and CIO, TW Metals

TW Metals trusted in Rocket API and Rocket LegaSuite—two leading modernization solutions— and saw success throughout their backend. Inventory management transaction processing time dropped, and training for new employees decreased by 50%. Customers, too, enjoyed a more elegant experience!


To learn more about how Rocket modernization solutions helped TW Metals, read the case study now.

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