• June 24, 2022

Rocket Helps Safety Insurance Retain Millennial Employees

Immediately following a car accident, the last thing anyone wants to think about is the stress of filing a claim with their insurer— and the last thing a good insurer wants to think about is a long filing process leading to unhappy employees and unhappier customers. This was once a concern of Safety Insurance that led them straight to Rocket’s door.

Safety Insurance is a leading provider of property and casualty insurance in New England and offers an array of services in both commercial and private capacities. They were looking to better harness their IBM i (AS/400) systems and make their day-to-day easier on all their stakeholders. One of their key issues was in accessing third-party systems (which were essential to processing customer renewals in a timely fashion,) and in retaining a younger class of employees not accustomed to green screen technology. Even long-time employees found the green screen databases difficult to use, and it was evident by their poor response times that changes needed to be made.

A full rip-and-replace operation was considered only briefly until the estimated costs and timeline kept rising.

“Not only have new employees reduced their training time by more than a week but our claims adjusters continue to provide positive feedback about the system. Everything is so perfectly organized you don’t really have to hunt to find the information you need. In fact, instead of having to use all the function keys, you just double click.”

— Chris Smith, Information Technology Director, CISM Safety Insurance

Safety Insurance needed a two-fold solution that did not take long to implement, and was not so costly that they were better off as they were. Instead they recruited Rocket and invested in two modernization solutions—Rocket API and Rocket LegaSuite Web—that amounted to a better experience for all their users.

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