• May 17, 2022

Rocket Helps Scotiabank International Bring Structure and Repeatability to Its Change Processes

It’s not often you hear the words “banks” and “changing” and think positive thoughts. There’s a certain level of anxiety that comes with changes in the financial sector—even small changes to regulations or procedure can be felt by private consumers. However, the words “banks” and “evolving” feel a lot better.

Scotiabank International, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was looking to evolve their change management strategy to further improve operations in their IT infrastructure. The goal was to standardize and bring greater structure and repeatability to its change processes. One of the project’s specific intentions was to introduce a robust approval mechanism for production changes. Scotiabank needed to ensure that key information regarding changes and their associated risks was consistently documented and shared across departments on a global scale.


Rocket Aldon ALM facilitates the centralization of change and problem management. This enables us to see the big picture of change across the organization, spot potential trouble spots in advance, and act accordingly.”

—Iain Williamson, Senior Change and Risk Manager, Scotiabank International


An internal study convinced Scotiabank that only the Rocket Aldon suite had the perfect mix of solutions for them. Scotiabank chose the Rocket Aldon Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products largely because of the customizable workflow capabilities, which were adapted to suit the bank’s specific requirements.

To learn more about how Scotiabank evolved with the use of Rocket Aldon, download the case study now.

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