• July 1, 2022

Rocket Helps U. of Edinburgh Reduce Infrastructure Costs

It’s not every day one of the world’s oldest academic institutions comes to Rocket to learn something new. Since its founding in 1583 (that’s the 16th century!), the University of Edinburgh in Scotland has presented the world with cutting-edge research, inspirational teaching, and innovative thinking. Today, the school’s staff of 13,744 full- and part-time employees instructs 35,582 students during the academic year. To support this large community, the university’s IT department provides fully integrated physical and digital services.

But with over 400 years (seriously—400 years) of digitized research assets supported by an enterprise IT infrastructure, it’s pretty easy to understand why backup and recovery is a top priority. One small failure and it’s four centuries of legacy on the line. UE sought to gain end-to-end insight within their backup environment instead of continuing to busy full-time staff with collection and manual data plotting.

“Before, it was virtually impossible for my team to get answers to critical questions, and Servergraph is very strong at quickly answering these questions. We are also able to deliver the intricate reporting the downstream owners of the research systems need without anyone spending hours doing manual work.”

—Martin Campbell, Unix & Virtualization Team Lead, The University of Edinburgh

Doing what they do best, UE extensively researched tools and interviewed colleagues at peer universities in search an answer to their problem. Their queries brought them to Rocket Software, and to Rocket Servergraph backup and reporting solutions. Other tools the team evaluated simply didn’t offer the right combination of features. In the end, it was Servergraph’s ease of use, automated reporting and trending, prioritized real-time alerts, and ability to manage TSM across a distributed environment that won over the university.

To learn exactly how Rocket Servergraph protects UE’s irreplaceable data, download the free case study.


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