• June 29, 2022

Rocket Helps Wolverine Packaging Maintain Smooth Operations During Outages

Efficiency and safety are two of Wolverine Packaging’s highest priorities on every level of their business. Since its founding in the 1930’s, the family-owned Wolverine Packaging has grown into one of the largest US distributors of meat products to wholesale, retail, and food service industries. The dedication to quality that began over 75 years ago has seen Wolverine grow into a 500-employee business with customers not only in the 50 states, but internationally as well.

But their concerns for safety don’t end at the manufacturing floor; should they ever experience a failure in their enterprise IT systems, the revenue loss would be devastating. Wolverine came to Rocket looking for the best way to protect their IBM i (AS/400) infrastructure without diminishing their ability to handle large volumes of business on a 24/7 clock. Whether from planned or unplanned outages, Rocket iCluster was implemented to support Wolverine’s IBM Power 8 primary server. iCluster provides continuous, uninterrupted access to business-critical data and applications whether for scheduled system outages such as server upgrades, backups, and batch processes, or unplanned outages caused by natural disasters.

“Even though iCluster is in the background, it is critical to our enterprise—and the support team at Rocket has been invaluable to our learning how to use the product.”

—Cheryl Geesey, IT Director, Wolverine Packing Company

To read more about Wolverine Packing with Rocket iCluster, download the full case study now.

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